Beat Chris Liss 2

Yesterday I drafted my second RotoWire Online Championship squad, a 12-team format with a $125K grand prize. I drew the 10th slot. Here are the results:

1.10 Jacob deGrom – This fell perfectly as I wanted deGrom whom I have No. 6 on my board.

2.3 Trevor Story – I view Story as a borderline first-rounder, a power/speed combo player whose home park gives him a batting-average floor.

3.10 Noah Syndergaard – Both he and Carlos Carrasco made it back to me, so I got my second ace. It was a 50/50 call between them.

4.3 Juan Soto – Soto was the fourth player in row in whom I had no previous shares.

5.10 Edwin Diaz – Another player I was surprised made it all the way back to me. He’s my top closer and was an easy call at pick 58.

6.3 Vladimir Guerrero – I needed speed here, but batting average buys you flexibility later. Plus I wanted a share of Vlad.

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7.10 Corey Seager – Maybe I have him in too many places, but I love buying elite young players at a discount because of last year’s injuries.

8.3 Joey Gallo – I considered Nelson Cruz and Josh Donaldson, and I’ll regret this if Gallo’s groin injury sends him to the IL. (I forgot he was hurt for some reason.) But Soto’s, Guerrero’s and Seager’s batting averages made Gallo’s elite power and terrible average tolerable.

9.10 Justin Turner – I was starting to get low on speed with Story my only base stealer. But Turner filled three needs: (1) nearly the top player on my board; (2) plays third base while waiting for Guerrero; and (3) more batting average to offset Gallo.

10.3 Byron Buxton – Only my second share of him, but I needed speed, so he fit. He cost me Craig Kimbrel and Eloy Jimenez though.

11.10 Ian Desmond – I needed more speed, and he was one of the top outfielders on my board, but I spaced because he was behind Miguel Cabrera (who I would have preferred) on my first base list. (I only realized this once Cabrera was drafted two rounds later, though I do have Cabrera virtually everywhere else.)

12.3 Yu Darvish – He had a minor blister, but massive upside for a player this late.

13.10 Yoan Moncada – I needed a second baseman and he runs a little too. Another upside player.

14.3 Nick Senzel – I have no idea where he would have gone had I let him go, but another player who steals bases if he wins the center field job. Probably a reach though as he hasn’t drawn a walk this spring.

15.10 Archie Bradley – I needed a second closer, and I don’t think Greg Holland (88mph) has anything left.

16.3 Jordan Hicks – I don’t trust Bradley, so I drafted another shaky closer.

17.10 Ryan McMahon – He could win the second base job in Coors and even see time at first base when Daniel Murphy needs a day off.

18.3 Jackie Bradley – I hated this pick, but I wanted some runs and steals.

19.10 Jimmy Nelson – He’s got his velocity back and pitches for a good team.

20.3 Gregory Polanco – He’s who I almost took instead of Bradley. He’s out a month, but a nice power/speed player if he returns at full capacity.

21.10 Colin McHugh – File under “the Astros are magic.”

22.3 Michael Pineda – Another swing for the fences. Pineda is healthy again and throwing hard.

23.10 Jeff McNeil – A versatile player who should qualify at multiple positions before long and hit for average.

24.3 Greg Allen – Hard to know if he’ll keep the job, but if he does 40 steals is in reach.

25.10 Michael Wacha – Looks decent this spring, pitches for a good team.

26.3 Austin Barnes – My first catcher.

27.10 Kevin Gausman – In a good spot if he can stay healthy.

28.3 Corey Knebel – Probably my first drop, but he hasn’t been ruled out for the year yet.

29.10 Tyler O’Neill – Power-hitting outfield prospect, could get semi-regular run if Dexter Fowler were to be released.

30.3 Mitch Garver – my second catcher

Roster By Position:

C Barnes/Garver

1B Joey Gallo

2B Yoan Moncada

3B Vlad Guerrero

SS Trevor Story

CI Justin Turner

MI Corey Seager

OF Juan Soto, Byron Buxton, Ian Desmond, Gregory Polanco, Jackie Bradley

U Nick Senzel

SP Jacob deGrom, Noah Syndergaard, Yu Darvish, Jimmy Nelson, Colin McHugh, Michael Pineda

RP Edwin Diaz, Archie Bradley, Jordan Hicks

R: Ryan McMahon, Jeff McNeil, Greg Allen, Tyler O’Neill, Michael Wacha, Kevin Gausman, Corey Knebel