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NCAA Tournament Player Rankings

The online fantasy industry pretty much limits its NCAA Tournament offerings to bracket pick 'em games, but for those of you who draft players for the tournament with your pals, we present our annual tournament player rankings. Most fantasy news sites ignore college hoops altogether, and I haven't seen any that produce a tourney cheatsheet. We're here for you.

ESPN is offering a player pick 'em game this year, though it's slightly different than your standard draft-and-play style. Still, our tourney player rankings will work for that too. Plus, we'll update the rankings before each weekend (the ESPN games requires participants to pick new players before each weekend's games).

If you've never played a tournament fantasy game, I highly recommend it. There's a bit of strategy involved when deciding between lower-scoring players on strong teams and high-scoring players on weaker teams, which makes it fun. Plus, it provides another avenue for gambling, and, let's be honest, isn't that why the tournament was invented?

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