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A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing

It wouldn't shock anyone if I said I loved RotoWire. It's not just because I write for them or because they're a great bunch of guys or because they've helped me win several fantasy baseball leagues. It's more because everything is right there.

If I want to know which QB to play Sunday? Check out Value Meter. I'm weighing whether or not to make a trade? Ask the Expert. Too lazy to read through all the notes to find notes about my own players? My Rotowire is great.

Now that I'm done shilling for the parent company, I want to talk a bit about that last point - being too lazy to read through all the notes. There are a lot of notes on these pages - it's perhaps the best thing about the RotoWire community. We're full of good beat writers who will leave no stone unturned in writing about their teams. I used to write about the Pistons and dutifully checked the Detroit News and Detroit Free Press every day. No story was too small. Even what Lindsey Hunter had in his medicine cabinet was worthy of two notes.

The problem with so many good - and thorough - writers is the information overload. What's legit and what is just noise? I keep hearing about Terrence Williams, for example (five RotoWire notes in the last month, as well as numerous mentions elsewhere on the site). Is he going to be a fantasy stud? Maybe. Will it be this year? Doubtful.

And therein lies the problem of too much information. It's important to know the Terrence Williamses of the world when you go into your draft, and RotoWire is here to make sure you don't forget, but it's the boring guys - the guys you forget - that you really need to watch out for.

When you're getting all ready to pick your super-awesome-no-one-will-suspect-it-sleeper Terrence Williams, who do you think is still going to be on the board? You think Brad Miller will be there? Boring. Ramon Sessions? Yawn. Antonio McDyess? Yeah, right.

Miller, Sessions, McDyess, Spencer Hawes, Chris Andersen and many many other players are projected to do better than Williams will this year, yet those guys may go unclaimed in your league because they're not sexy, while Williams, Stephen Curry, and Tyreke Evans will almost certainly be drafted by the guy who keeps reading his RotoWire notes every day and also wants to show the world he know who the top rookie will be.

A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing, and while I hope you're reading every player note we throw out there, don't forget the boring guys when it's draft day. There's no shame in having a winning team full of consistent performers. Would you rather have Dice and win your league or the Rookie-of-the-Year, but get fourth?