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New Fantasy Football Show on FX

So...did anyone watch THE LEAGUE last night?

I gave it a shot...thought it was ok.  I'll admit I paused on the draft board so I could see how realistic it was.  I think they did a decent job with getting that right, as there weren't out-of-date things like having LaDainian Tomlinson in the top five or anything.  There was also a kid called "The Oracle" who "predicted" that Jay Cutler would throw four interceptions in his first game (I imagine that scene was written AFTER that actually happened). 

The draft itself was pretty funny, with some types we've all seen - the clueless guy drafting straight out of the magazine and taking someone else's sleeper (Darren Sproles).  The total loser who gets names wrong (he wanted "Tim" Brady and said "Keyshawn" Johnson instead of Chad Johnson).  I don't think anyone has ever gotten laid at any draft I've been to, but this is tv.

I think their obsessiveness with their league was a bit overplayed, but you have to exaggerate I guess since it's a sitcom.  I just don't know how they can sustain it without getting really obnoxious.  We'll see I guess.