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The Start of Something Simulating

Playing fantasy baseball today is one of the most fun hobbies we can have that keeps us in touch with the game we love. Rotisserie or "roto" as you know it has given me hours upon hours of enjoyment. In fact, I believe it actually helps me get to know more players and teams than I would normally, because I follow players religiously. But did you know, there is something more out there? Something where not only do you keep up on the players and their numbers, but you actually manage the games themselves? What I am talking about is SIMULATION BASEBALL.

I play in six different leagues with various formats. Some leagues try to duplicate the MLB rules for drafts and transactions to the letter, while some simply say draft and play. There is a league for every type of player out there! I'll bet that a lot of you guys and gals out there have heard of Strat-O-Matic, Pursue The Pennant and perhaps even Diamond-Mind Baseball. However, did you know there are many other simulators out there that are trying to break ground and grab a share of the market? Out of The Park 11, will be released in a couple of weeks and it looks to be the most intensive sim I have ever seen. This blog is dedicated to all those sim guys and gals that want to talk about anything sim. I have a figurative army of people that can answer questions about just about any sim.

I am looking forward to talking and interacting with you about simulation baseball and just how much fun it is!