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Fantasy Basketball: Rest-of-Season Rotisserie Rankings

On Monday we looked at the rest-of-season head-to-head rankings developed using RotoWire's recommended punting strategy. Today, we are unveiling the rest-of-season rankings for rotisserie leagues. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you review these rankings:

  • They are intended for 8-category leagues, so turnovers are not included.
  • They include suggested auction values based on a $200 dollar budget. This is intended to help you know that Chris Paul is significantly more valuable than Damian Lillard even though they are right next to each other in the rankings, and that DeAndre Jordan and Mike Conley have essentially the same fantasy value even though they are 5 spots apart in the rankings.


Marc Gasol: Gasol's rise in the rankings is due almost entirely to his improved scoring. Gasol is averaging 29.5 points per 100 possessions this season, compared to 23.3 last season (his previous career best). Gasol has improved both his field goal percentage (50.4% vs 47.3% last season) and free throw percentage (85.4% vs. 76.8 last season), and he's also getting to the line much more frequently - 10.3 times per 100 possessions compared to 6.5 free throw attempts last season.

While it may feel a bit like buying high, this is essentially the same scoring pace Gasol was on prior to his injury last season. In addition our projection builds in some regression for the Big Burrito. As a result I think its safe to count on Gasol being a top 15 player the rest of the way, barring an injury.


Serge Ibaka: With Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook out for the majority of the first quarter of the season fantasy owners were optimistic that Ibaka would become the primary option for the Thunder, and increase his fantasy value in the process.Unfortunately Ibaka has actually produced less fantasy value so far this season than he did last season.

While it's true his 1.3 threes per game are a valuable surprise, that value is stifled by his decrease in field goal percentage (46.1% this season vs 53.6% last season). In addition his per possession rebounds, assists, steals, and blocks are all down this season. Its his blocks that are particularly alarming. In 2011-12 Ibaka averaged 6.9 blocks per 100 possessions. In 2012-13 that rate dropped to 5.0, last season it was 4.1, and this season he's at 3.6 blocks per 100 possessions, good for an average of 2.2 blocks per game.

If Ibaka is no longer the player who can carry your fantasy team in blocks all by himself, then he's no longer a borderline first round pick. I foresee him dropping even further in the rankings.


Timofey Mozgov: Mozgov has always had the potential to be a strong contributor in rebounds and blocks without being an anchor to your free throw percentage, but his value has been held back by inconsistent playing time. This year he's playing 26.6 mpg, a number that's risen to an even 30.0 mpg in six December games. We have him projected for 8 rebounds and 1.5 blocks in 27.5 mpg for the rest of the season. That stat line would rank 85th overall, yet his only owned in 30% of ESPN leagues.


Carlos Boozer: Despite Boozer being moved to a bench role recently he is still owned in 52% of ESPN leagues. Even if you think there is a chance he returns to the starting lineup, Boozer doesn't possess the type of fantasy ceiling necessary to wait and see.

RankAuctionPlayerPre-SeasonESPN Own %
1$64Anthony Davis4100%
2$63LeBron James1100%
3$62Kevin Durant5100%
4$58James Harden3100%
5$57Stephen Curry2100%
6$48Chris Paul7100%
7$41Damian Lillard6100%
8$41Kevin Love10100%
9$40Russell Westbrook9100%
10$38John Wall12100%
11$38Blake Griffin8100%
12$36Paul Millsap1598%
13$36Kyrie Irving17100%
14$35DeMarcus Cousins11100%
15$34Chris Bosh16100%
16$34Marc Gasol3099%
17$32Jeff Teague2991%
18$32Deron Williams3693%
19$31Kemba Walker2593%
20$29Jrue Holiday2090%
21$29Serge Ibaka1399%
22$28Ty Lawson2897%
23$28Klay Thompson2299%
24$28Kyle Lowry3299%
25$28Rudy Gay4099%
26$27DeAndre Jordan4697%
27$27Carmelo Anthony14100%
28$27Michael Carter-Williams4989%
29$27LaMarcus Aldridge33100%
30$27Gordon Hayward3996%
31$27Mike Conley3794%
32$26Kobe Bryant48100%
33$25Derrick Favors4593%
34$25Tim Duncan6296%
35$24Trevor Ariza5687%
36$24Nicolas Batum2189%
37$24Al Jefferson19100%
38$24Wesley Matthews4189%
39$24Darren Collison4380%
40$23Monta Ellis2799%
41$22Kawhi Leonard4499%
42$22Dirk Nowitzki2699%
43$21Jimmy Butler9894%
44$21Victor Oladipo2382%
45$21Andre Drummond1897%
46$20Tyreke Evans9587%
47$19Goran Dragic2493%
48$19Markieff Morris6880%
49$19Jeff Green7187%
50$19Rajon Rondo6396%
51$19Draymond Green11473%
52$19Brandon Jennings4781%
53$18Danny Green12562%
54$18Chandler Parsons3893%
55$18Joakim Noah5196%
56$18Eric Bledsoe5995%
57$18Roy Hibbert5784%
58$18Kyle Korver6983%
59$17Pau Gasol6197%
60$17Thaddeus Young5583%
61$17Al Horford3595%
62$16Marcin Gortat6589%
63$16Josh Smith8190%
64$16Brandon Knight8990%
65$15Nikola Vucevic5896%
66$15Lance Stephenson6087%
67$15Nerlens Noel9356%
68$15Greg Monroe4288%
69$15Paul Pierce5061%
70$15Channing Frye9117%
71$13Dwight Howard7099%
72$13Jamal Crawford9987%
73$13Kenneth Faried3485%
74$13DeMarre Carroll8633%
75$13Mario Chalmers8856%
76$13Jared Sullinger9785%
77$12Tobias Harris12487%
78$12Joe Johnson9090%
79$12Tyson Chandler11187%
80$12Robin Lopez5372%
81$12Dwyane Wade7397%
82$12Trey Burke9251%
83$12Terrence Jones6437%
84$12Reggie Jackson7679%
85$12Timofey Mozgov11230%
86$12Jordan Hill10280%
87$11Zach Randolph9495%
88$11Ryan Anderson7978%
89$11Courtney Lee11835%
90$11Jonas Valanciunas8076%
91$10Brook Lopez10788%
92$10Enes Kanter7737%
93$10Amir Johnson8336%
94$9Tony Parker11392%
95$9David West7277%
96$9Andrew Wiggins10368%
97$7Bradley Beal12885%
98$7Kelly Olynyk10829%
99$6Bojan Bogdanovic1262%
100$6Gorgui Dieng11034%
101$6Alec Burks12035%
102$6K.J. McDaniels15732%
103$6Ricky Rubio3152%
104$6Terrence Ross13245%
105$6Solomon Hill17313%
106$6Andrew Bogut14670%
107$6Kentavious Caldwell-Pope11613%
108$6J.J. Redick13553%
109$5Manu Ginobili14539%
110$5DeMar DeRozan5481%
111$5Luol Deng11778%
112$5Ben McLemore15115%
113$5Isaiah Thomas7869%
114$5Jose Calderon8546%
115$5Derrick Rose7597%
116$5Mirza Teletovic15519%
117$5Taj Gibson13152%
118$4Josh McRoberts9611%
119$4Jabari Parker10185%
120$4Tony Allen1617%
121$4Patrick Beverley10428%
122$4Boris Diaw15412%
123$4Omer Asik14050%
124$3Giannis Antetokounmpo10562%
125$3Amar'e Stoudemire15060%
126$3Mike Dunleavy18812%
127$2Cody Zeller1494%
128$2Harrison Barnes17440%
129$2Arron Afflalo12769%
130$2Ed Davis18613%
131$2Wesley Johnson1696%
132$2Wilson Chandler19765%
133$2Kevin Garnett13013%
134$2Evan FournierUnranked34%
135$1Andre Iguodala13830%
136$1Miles Plumlee1097%
137$1Anderson Varejao19040%
138$1J.R. Smith12133%
139$1Jarrett Jack15314%
140$1Gerald Green14848%
141$1Eric Gordon14112%
142$1George Hill6726%
143$1Jeremy Lin5261%
144$1P.J. Tucker1335%
145$1Tony WrotenUnranked63%
146$1Patrick Patterson1934%
147$1Matt Barnes1367%
148$1Tyler ZellerUnranked9%
149$1Avery Bradley17538%
150$1Shawn Marion1703%
151$1Larry Sanders8240%
152$1Marcus Morris1985%
153$1James Johnson1643%
154$1Hollis Thompson1631%
155$1O.J. Mayo18516%
156$1Chris Copeland18915%
157$ -Steven AdamsUnranked7%
158$ -Spencer Hawes1069%
159$ -Marcus Smart1225%
160$ -Nikola Pekovic11550%
161$ -Henry Sims1927%
162$ -Tiago Splitter1422%
163$ -Corey Brewer16715%
164$ -Greivis VasquezUnranked21%
165$ -Iman Shumpert18029%
166$ -Dion Waiters1349%
167$ -Elfrid Payton15618%
168$ -Carlos Boozer7452%
169$ -Rasual ButlerUnranked8%
170$ -Rodney Stuckey16612%
171$ -Kevin Martin10047%
172$ -Luis Scola1787%
173$ -Donatas MotiejunasUnranked14%
174$ -Marvin Williams1591%
175$ -Tristan Thompson14316%
176$ -Khris MiddletonUnranked9%
177$ -Jeremy Lamb19418%
178$ -Jameer Nelson1728%
179$ -Nene Hilario15830%
180$ -Robert CovingtonUnranked9%
181$ -Jason Thompson2002%
182$ -Brandan Wright19520%
183$ -David Lee8773%
184$ -Jodie MeeksUnranked4%
185$ -Ronnie PriceUnranked1%
186$ -Devin HarrisUnranked11%
187$ -Louis WilliamsUnranked45%
188$ -Norris Cole1823%
189$ -Andre Roberson1231%
190$ -Kirk HinrichUnranked5%
191$ -Nick Young18751%
192$ -C.J. Miles1622%
193$ -Michael Kidd-GilchristUnranked9%
194$ -Pablo PrigioniUnranked0%
195$ -Brandon Bass1652%
196$ -Rudy GobertUnranked2%
197$ -Danilo Gallinari6621%
198$ -Jason Terry1606%
199$ -Jason SmithUnranked1%
200$ -Dante Exum1194%