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NHL Playoffs: Look out, Ovie’s mad

  • Alexander Ovechkin is so riled he may not sleep until Wednesday. First the no-goal call and then the chirping that got him tossed. It’s bad news for the Canes — Ovie the horse becomes Ovie the beast when he’s mad.
  • Justin William’s world-class tip in the third was just a tease for Game 7. Wednesday will be his ninth Game 7. In the other eight, he has seven goals and 14 points. And who said there’s no such thing as clutch?

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NHL Playoffs: Great Dane for MVP

  • Frederik Andersen is incredible. His rebound control. His calm. His compete. The Great Dane should get serious consideration for the Vezina, just like the Bolts’ Andrei Vasilevskiy.
  • Auston Matthews has been on the losing end of a lot of reviews. They got this one right — there’s no way Tuukka Rask could have gotten across the crease, with or without a Zach Hyman bump.

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NHL Playoffs: Just get in. You can win

  • You think your playoff pool got burned? The @NHL’s bracket challenge just got obliterated. Tampa was on top and 48.0% favoured to win it all. Guess who was on the bottom. Yep. At 0.4%.
  • Redemption. One year ago in Buffalo, Robin Lehner hit rock bottom. Alcohol. Anxiety. Depression. He got clean, was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, ADHD and PTSD, and the Isles still took a chance. The Pens went after him, but Lehner stood his ground. He stopped 135 of 141 shots and is now headed to the second round. Great story.

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