Week 16 FAAB Results

There were three themes to this week – find out if Nate Lowe was available, go get your Giants, or otherwise lay low. I didn’t see a big bid anywhere this week. That doesn’t mean we can’t find some hidden treasures, just that … they’re more hidden.

AL Tout Wars

I “won” the only spirited bidding contest, for Bubba Starling. I was a tad more aggressive in going after Starling, with the mindset that he’s going to play a lot for the Royals down the stretch, and that my position in remaining FAAB budget meant that I wouldn’t get any potential big names coming across at the trade deadline, so I might as well instead go for playing time for 2.5 months.

NFBC Main Event

Look at all of those beautiful unopposed bids. It’s not a surprise – we’re working off of a three-game week, after the All-Star break, so the amount of big breaking news was obviously minimal. I locked down two Giants hitters, with one (Yas) paying off more immediately than the other on Monday. But the Giants have four games in Coors and eight games in total, with seven of them against right-handed starters, so between those two and Brandon Belt already on my roster (you’re playing chess, I’m playing 18-dimensional checkers, which in Jeff World is far more advanced), I’m all in on the Giants this week. Just too bad I didn’t get Brandon Crawford, eh?

I’m using Cal Quantrill next week, if the Padres deem him worthy of another start. I like his skills and his most recent outing against the Braves.

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I was so fixated on improving my pitching that I neglected to notice that Nate Lowe was available still in this league. That said, I might not have won his services even if I had been scrutinizing first base closer. I have Freddie Freeman at 1B and Joey Votto at my CR, with Trey Mancini also 1B-eligible, and eight viable OF’s – so it wasn’t a slam dunk that Lowe would be an obvious start. Meanwhile, I’m doing pretty well in the hitting categories, but I need to make a move with wins, saves and K’s in this league – I need to marshall a few resources for two-start starters, possible emerging aces and closers. Fried and Heaney both get two steps this week, at least on paper – we’ll see about Fried’s blister on his next start.


I’m really light on FAAB, so my bids were subdued this week. Belt’s appeal for this week is obvious – eight games, four at Coors, seven right-handers scheduled to pitch against the Giants this week. Logan Allen gets back into the rotation with a start against the Marlins this week.


I probably cut Workman a week too early, but I was debating between him and Ryan Pressly for the cut. Sandoval is probably going to make me a Sad Panda.


No FAAB this week – instead, we’re on a 10-day combined week.