Staff Picks: No Unanimous Picks
Staff Picks: No Unanimous Picks

This article is part of our Staff Picks series.

Erickson won Week 11 at 9-4, but Pianowski's 8-5 put him two games ahead of me in the standings.

This week we have no unanimous picks and five different best bets.

EricksonPianowskiLissStopaDel Don
Bears -3 at LionsBearsLionsBearsLionsLions
Redskins +7.5 at CowboysCowboysRedskinsRedskinsRedskinsCowboys   
Falcons +13 at SaintsFalconsFalconsFalconsSaintsFalcons
Jaguars -3 at BillsBillsBillsBillsJaguarsBills
Raiders +11 at RavensRavensRavensRavensRavensRaiders
49ers +3.5 at BuccaneersBuccaneers  49ers49ers49ersBuccaneers  
Giants +6 at EaglesGiantsGiantsGiantsEaglesGiants
Browns +3 at BengalsBengalsBengalsBrownsBrownsBrowns
Patriots -9.5 at JetsJetsPatriotsPatriotsPatriots Jets
Seahawks +3.5 at PanthersSeahawksSeahawksSeahawksSeahawks Panthers
Dolphins +9 at ColtsColtsColtsColtsColts Dolphins  
Cardinals +12 at ChargersCardinalsChargersChargersChargers Cardinals
Steelers -3 at BroncosSteelersBroncosBroncosSteelersBroncos
Packers +3.5 at VikingsVikingsPackersPackersVikingsPackers
Titans +6 at TexansTexansTitansTitansTexansTitans
Best BetGiantsBillsBroncosColtsBuccaneers
Last Week's Record9-48-57-63-107-6
2018 Record81-75-586-70-584-72-569-88-576-80-5
Best Bet Record6-58-36-55-5-13-7-1
2017 Best Bet Record8-7-29-7-112-4-18-7-211-6
Unanimous Pick Record17-14-1
Majority Pick Record79-77-5
2017 Record117-125-14128-114-14117-125-14119-123-1498-144-14
2016 Record133-102-5122-113-5115-120-5108-127-5123-112-5
2015 Record134-114-8120-128-8114-134-8127-121-8121-127-8
2014 Record123-128-5140-111-5135-116-5124-127-5128-123-5
2013 Record
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Chris Liss
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