Frozen Fantasy: Roster Fatigue is Real

Frozen Fantasy: Roster Fatigue is Real

This article is part of our Frozen Fantasy series.

Taxi squads. COVID-19. Superstars behaving badly. My head is already spinning and we're still in week one. At least of most leagues.

Tired yet? I am. If just a little.

Hockey has brought relief and joy to the darkest period of our lifetimes. But like you, I'm living through a checkerboard of PPD and non-IR absences on every roster I ice.

It's a challenge. My teams are a mess. I even know someone who already seems ready to give in.

Times are hard. But it's time for a little perspective.

I get to play fantasy. I get to work from home. I get to stay safe, while others go out to do essential work (thank you, by the way – that doesn't get said enough today).

I get to watch hockey. And stream whatever I want. And I get to write for you.

Perspective is everything. Roster fatigue is just a blip. Let's dig in a little. Take a breath. We can do this together.

I'm going to throw out my resistance. I'm going to let go of what I think I know. I'm going to hang my toes over the board and just let this season ride.

I'm not going to stress about short-term absences. Who cares about PPD? If you're not performing, I'm going to find someone else, no matter who you are.

OK, that last one might need work. But you get what I mean.

This season is different and it needs a new approach. I'm

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Janet Eagleson
Janet Eagleson is a seven-time Finalist and four-time winner of the Hockey Writer of the Year award from the Fantasy Sports Writers Association. She is a lifelong Toronto Maple Leafs fan, loved the OHL London Knights when they were bad and cheers loudly for the Blackhawks, too. But her top passion? The World Junior Hockey Championships each and every year.
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