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The Stats Room: Analyzing the Impact of a Holdout
September 14, 2018
Jeff Zimmerman analyzes what fantasy owners should expect from Le'Veon Bell when he finally ends his hold out. Hint: it's not good.
The Stats Room: Projecting Rookies Within Team Context
September 3, 2018
Jeff Zimmerman dives into the difficult area of rookie projections that incorporates team context. How much does team context matter when projecting rookie backs and receivers?
The Stats Room: Are QB Targets Predictable?
August 30, 2018
Jeff Zimmerman analyzes whether a quarterback's targets are predictable from year to year. Is Tom Brady likely to throw to his wide receivers more this year?
The Stats Room: Who's Most Important to New QB/WR Pairs?
August 25, 2018
Jeff Zimmerman analyzes whether the quarterback or wide receiver is most important when it comes to catch rates for new QB/WR pairings. Which player has more influence?
2018 Football Draft Kit: NFL Combine Analysis
August 2, 2018
Jeff Zimmerman analyzes which metrics from the NFL Combine portend success for wide receivers. Tuns out, bigger is better. What's that mean for Panthers rookie D.J. Moore?
The Stats Room: Does Size Matter at the Goal Line?
October 20, 2017
Jeff Zimmerman takes another look at red-zone wide receivers to see if a player's height matters the closer a team gets to the goal line.
The Stats Room: Identifying the Ideal Red-Zone WR
October 13, 2017
Jeff Zimmerman goes behind the numbers to identify which traits make up the ideal red-zone wide receiver. The results surprised even him.
The Stats Room: Week 5 QB Projections
October 6, 2017
Jeff Zimmerman reviews how last week's projections turned out and takes a stab at Week 5 projections for quarterbacks.
The Stats Room: Week 4 QB Projections
September 30, 2017
Jeff Zimmerman reviews how last week's projections turned out and takes a stab at Week 4 projections for quarterbacks.
The Stats Room: Week 3 QB Projections
September 23, 2017
Jeff Zimmerman continues his quest for a better projections system with quarterback projections for Week 3.
The Stats Room: Week 2 QB Projections
September 15, 2017
Jeff Zimmerman checks how his projection system fared in Week 1 and lays out his quarterback projections for Week 2.
The Stats Room: Week 1 QB Projections
September 7, 2017
Jeff Zimmerman unveils projections for Week 1 using his unique system and compares it to RotoWire's projections. What's the biggest difference?
The Stats Room: Zman's WR Projection Model
August 22, 2017
Jeff Zimmerman moves to wide receivers with his unique projection model. If targets are evenly distributed, which receivers would move to the top?
The Stats Room: Zman's QB Projections
August 17, 2017
Jeff Zimmerman unveils his unique projections system, beginning with quarterbacks. Find out why Aaron Rodgers is not the top-ranked quarterback.
The Stats Room: Introduction to Analysis
August 3, 2017
Jeff Zimmerman details how he plans to investigate myths, conventional wisdom, what works and what doesn't in fantasy football this season.
The Saber's Edge: Analyzing Fastball Velocity
April 13, 2017
Jeff Zimmerman looks at the impact of MLB's change in measuring velocity and what it means for pitchers like Brandon Finnegan. Is the Reds hurler a buy or sell?
The Saber's Edge: Tout Wars Recap
April 5, 2017
Jeff Zimmerman reviews his Tout Wars auction where his approach netted him an impressive team, even if it is old and boring.
The Saber's Edge: Early Season Stories
March 29, 2017
Jeff Zimmerman looks at the storylines fantasy owners need to follow through the early part of the season. How will A.J. Pollock respond after a year cut short by injury?
The Saber's Edge: Stars are the Riskiest Picks
March 21, 2017
Jeff Zimmerman's analysis of playing time and risk contradicts what most fantasy owners believe -- the top players are not the safest draft picks. Which players are?
The Saber's Edge: Analyzing PA Projections
March 8, 2017
Jeff Zimmerman studies plate-appearance projections and whether fantasy owners can glean an advantage from that information. Are there enough plate appearances to go around in Chicago?
The Saber's Edge: Regressing to the Mean
March 2, 2017
Jeff Zimmerman dives into how pitchers are affected by team BABIP and busts a myth about pitchers with extreme handedness splits.
The Saber's Edge: Predicting High-ERA Pitchers
February 23, 2017
Jeff Zimmerman looks for the traits that could determine which pitchers will struggle with an ERA greater than their ERA estimators. Is Shelby Miller doomed?
The Stats Room: At What Age do QB's Decline?
October 21, 2016
Jeff Zimmerman looks at aging curves for quarterbacks to pinpoint the age that signal callers begin to decline. It might be earlier than most assume.
The Saber's Edge: How I Won Tout Wars
October 8, 2016
Jeff Zimmerman took home a Tout Wars title, but it came down to one nail-biting Christian Yelich at-bat on the last day of the season. Find out how he did it.
The Stats Room: Determining Replacement Value
October 8, 2016
Jeff Zimmerman walks through the process of evaluating the value for players replacing injured or suspended teammates and if it makes sense to draft them.
The Stats Room: Does Pairing QB, K Pay Off?
September 28, 2016
Jeff Zimmerman examines whether pairing a quarterback and kicker from the same team is a good draft strategy. The results surprised even him.
The Saber's Edge: Plan for 2017 Now
September 24, 2016
As the 2016 season winds down, Jeff Zimmerman reviews what fantasy owners should be doing now to prepare for 2017.
The Stats Room: How Long Does Last Year Matter?
September 21, 2016
Jeff Zimmerman delves into the numbers to figure out just how much weight fantasy owners should give to the previous season when evaluating players.
The Stats Room: At What Age do Players Decline?
September 9, 2016
Jeff Zimmerman analyzes player aging curves to determine when NFL running backs and wide receivers can be expected to decline. Is Julio Jones headed for a fall?
The Saber's Edge: Making Sense of Pitch Spin Values
September 6, 2016
Jeff Zimmerman jumps into the deep pool of spin-rate data to find out what it means for pitchers and fantasy owners. What does spin rate tell us?