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Fantasy Articles Featuring Bobby Abreu

Articles from RotoWire's fantasy archives that mention Bobby Abreu's name.

2014 Phillies Team Preview: An Aging Bunch

After a letdown season in 2013 marred by injuries, the Phillies return this season and the team did not become any younger on the roster.

Collette Calls: Uphill Battle

Ian Kinsler plans to steal more bases during his first season in Detroit, but will he be able to pull it off? Jason Collette takes a closer look.

Behind the Numbers: Questions for the Second Half

Is Chris Davis poised for a second-half slowdown? Or is he merely going through a dry spell with his power? Find out the answer to that and much more.

Diamond Cuts: Injured Outfielders

Matt Holliday and Yoenis Cespedes top the list this week in Jeff Stotts' weekly injury column.

MLB Barometer: LoMo Rising

Logan Morrison has played well since returning from the DL. Howard Bender gives him an upgrade and discusses the All-Star Game this week.

In Some Depth: Sobering Up

After convincing the Red Sox's front office he was ready for a look in the big leagues this spring, Jackie Bradley needs to start hitting again to secure his roster spot.

Friday Lineup Card: The Final Friday

In Some Depth: All-Star Edition

It's hard to believe that Mike Trout faced an unclear path to playing time in April, but he leads Ryan Eisner's squad of All-Stars that emerged as in-season upgrades for their respective teams.

Wednesday Lineup Card: Solano On a Hot Streak

FAAB Factor - NL: Replacing Strasburg

Jan Levine identifies a few pick-up targets if you just lost Steven Strasburg this week.

Monday Lineup Card: Mighty Griffin

Charging the Mound: Regrets and Ranks

Where do you slot Giancarlo Stanton for 2013?

The Lineup Card: Filling A-Void

Transaction Analysis: Deadline Deals Recap

Thursday Lineup Card: Picking Up Speed

Monday Lineup Card: Frazier Putting Together Solid Season

Charging the Mound: How Do We Know When a Breakout Portends Long-Term Stardom?'s Jonah Keri guest-writes and breaks down Chris Sale (pictured), Mark Trumbo and others

Saturday Lineup Card: Astros, Jays Complete Massive Deal

Bernie On The Scene: Grading the Outfielders

Although he's on the DL, Jose Bautista is an increasingly rare commodity as an elite power bat in Toronto.

Wednesday Lineup Card: Steady As He Gose

Tuesday Lineup Card: Head Turner

In Some Depth: Crowd of Cards

Sunday Lineup Card: Make Your Bed With Sheets

Saturday Lineup Card: Howard Up, Pedroia Down

Transaction Analysis: Lee Lands in Miami

Tuesday Lineup Card: Might Be Time for Rizzo

Wednesday Lineup Card: Roberts is Back

Saturday Lineup Card: Cashner Moves to Rotation

Friday Lineup Card: Interleague Under the Lights

Tuesday Lineup Card: Playing With Fiers