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2017 Fantasy Baseball Closers

Keep up with the latest changes to each team's closer situation. Updated by James Seltzer.

2017 Closer Depth Chart for Fantasy Baseball

Team Current Closer Security Health Other Closing Candidates
ARI Fernando Rodney Medium Good Jake Barrett, Enrique Burgos, Randall Delgado

2017 Closer Situations: Team-By-Team Analysis

Arizona Diamondbacks
Arizona Diamondbacks

Current Closer: Fernando Rodney

Next In Line: Jake Barrett, Enrique Burgos, Randall Delgado

Rodney notched 25 saves combined between the Padres and the Marlins in a bounceback 2016 effort. Even with his flaws (4.44 career BB/9 chief among them), he enters a favorable spot to run with save opportunities, as Arizona likely will hand him the keys to an otherwise dangerous bullpen. Even at 40 years old, Rodney could again wind up a steal in fantasy drafts if his name sickens the rest of the room. His K/9 rebound showed he still has the punch left to do the job at minimum as an adequate, palatable fantasy option. As long as his owners don't watch his actual save opportunities unfold, they may wind up happy with what they land at a clearance price.

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