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2015 Fantasy Baseball Closers

Keep up with the latest changes to each team's closer situation. Updated by Adam Wolf.

2015 Closer Depth Chart for Fantasy Baseball

Team Current Closer Security Health Other Closing Candidates
ARI Addison Reed High Good Brad Ziegler, Evan Marshall, Matt Stites, Oliver Perez

2015 Closer Situations: Team-By-Team Analysis

Arizona Diamondbacks
Arizona Diamondbacks

Current Closer: Addison Reed

Next In Line: Brad Ziegler, Evan Marshall, Matt Stites, Oliver Perez

(12/29): After the Diamondbacks apparently viewed none of their internal options as clear-cut ninth-inning solutions entering the past offseason, Reed from the White Sox in December and has held on to the closing role all season. All things considered, Reed has mostly underwhelmed thus far with his new team, posting a 4.40 ERA while giving up 11 home runs. On the positive side, he has gone 31-for-37 in save chances while striking out 66 batters in his 57.1 innings, but his high fly ball rates suggest he may not be a viable long-term option tn the role Perez and Marshall are the top closers in waiting, but neither pitcher has made a legitimate push for the role at this point.

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