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NBA Blog: Live NBA AAE Chat 11-12 PM

Kyle McKeown

Kyle McKeown

Kyle McKeown is the Managing Editor of NBA Content for He hosts the Fantasy Basketball Podcast and writes about fantasy basketball once every blue moon. Kyle also serves as RotoWire's remote writer trainer and intern coordinator. He's the kind of person who dances first and asks questions later.

Welcome to our test run of a feature we hope to offer a lot next season. This is our Live AAE (Ask An Expert) NBA Chat using Cover It Live.

RotoWire's Managing Editor of NBA Content, Kyle McKeown, will be here to answer your questions from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Eastern Saturday, April 5.

This is a trial run to make sure this all works on our site appropriately, so thank you very much for participating. We are only allowed 50 users to participate on the free trial of the Cover It Live program, so if you miss the window, I apologize, but if this goes well, we'll start offering things like this regularly.