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NHL Playoff Observations — No-one kicked off the island

Just a few things that caught my eye:

  • No Calder nom? No problem. Here’s a screw you hat trick, NHL. And it was Filip Forsberg’s first career hattie even.
  • I wonder if Luke Glendening was the type of kid who poked the proverbial bear just to get attention. ‘Cuz that’s what the dork did tonight, less than seven-and-a-half-minutes from a three-games-to-one stranglehold over the Bolts. Honestly, is there EVER a good time to poke a sleeping bear?

NHL Playoff Observations — Game 3 Tuesday

Just a few things that caught my eye:

  • Word up, Jon Cooper — stop putting Steven Stamkos in the slot. Or anywhere but the left half wall. He scored 43 goals from there this season. And 60 in another. Opposing teams know he’s there and they still can’t stop him. So why the freak are you?
  • Ever wonder if James Neal’s character wasn’t the issue in Pittsburgh? There’s something a whole lot bigger happening in that dressing room …

NHL Playoff Monday — White Out In Winnipeg

Just a few things that caught my eye:

  • Katy Perry. Katy Perry. Best taunt of the postseason so far.
  • Hey Geno — it’s only 33 minutes up the I-5 to get from Anaheim to L.A. At what mile marker did you decide to check out? You left Anaheim after the game March 6 with a seven-game, 14-point streak (seven goals) in tow. You hit L.A. the next day uninspired and out to lunch, and haven’t scored a goal since (three assists, though). That’s 13 freaking games! Stop pouting and prove you’re a man.