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NHL Eastern Conference: Lightning Strikes and Triple Jock Protection

Just a few things that caught my eye:

  • Thank gawd most goalie jocks these days use a double-cup design. And that most pro goalies further protect the crown jewels by donning a third cup. That’s probably why Ben Bishop was able to shake off the nut shot during warmups. Ouch.
  • A goal and assist give Steven Stankos seven points in his last four games. Rick Nash has the same … in 14 games. Just saying.

NHL Eastern Conference Friday: Rick Nash and Mighty Mite Finally Show Up

Just a few things that caught my eye:

  • Rick Nash needs Mats Zuccarello more than Mats Zuccarello needs Rick Nash … even with Friday’s Nash breakout. Discuss.
  • Now I know what it looks like to see tiny little triplets pull a temper tantrum. But it’s not like there wasn’t enough room for the three of them in the box, though. Brendan Morrow still had room to do his spin with those three in there.

The Bishop Plays Like a Dominator! – Lew’s Clues

Thank you Mr. Ben Bishop for making my predictions come true. I knew that the more you played in an unorthodox style – the better you would become! You are drawing on the ghost of “The Dominator” and NHL fans love you for it. If hockey were tennis – you would be Andre Agassi and Lundqvist is Peter Sampras. As predicted in prior Lew’s Clues’ posts – you are reinventing the position by becoming a threat when the puck comes your way. Sure – the opposition scores an errant goal once in a while with a bubble hockey type goal: banking the biscuit off of a player in front of the net. But those goals are too few and far between too take the series from you. Stoic goaltending is so 2014.