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Neutral Zone Wrap: Streit Talk

Evan Berofsky

Evan Berofsky

Evan Berofsky enjoys writing. Seriously. When heís not trying to shove hockey miscellany down your throat, he gets his kicks playing tournament Scrabble(TM). If you have anything to say about Evanís work (or need any hot word tips), feel free to contact him at or follow him on Twitter (@evanberofsky).

The NHL's second season is fast approaching but your focus should follow further into the future. Planning now who to take for next year sounds ridiculous but it's not as if we'll be providing the 2014-15 draft kit by the end of the month. Last week, we covered those to target for the coming season. Here, we advise you who to stay away from when October rolls around and your mind wanders back to fantasy hockey.

The following have either done well of late, are wrapping up a career year, and/or are projected to lose ice time next season. We'll focus more on the last topic since that would serve as the main criteria for inclusion in this column. You'll notice the average age of the five main selections is just under 32. That's not a coincidence. Those darn whippersnappers are at it again by taking away all the good jobs. Maybe the old folks can ward off the youngsters for a little bit longer but shaking their fists at them probably won't do the trick:

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