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RotoWire Roundtable: Late March Update

Michael Rusignola

Michael Rusignola has been covering fantasy baseball for RotoWire since 1998. He roots for the NY Mets and SF Giants, his two hometown teams.

The RotoWire Roundtable: Late March Consolidated Top 350
By Michael Rusignola

Welcome to the second edition of the RotoWire Roundtable. Since our last update, there have been significant injury updates, closer battles and even a few prospects that look like they'll break camp with their teams. There are only a few short days before the start of the season, so it's time for one last ranking to get you ready for your draft or auction.

These rankings were assembled for 12-team, 5x5 mixed leagues that start two catchers per team (thus there is a positional scarcity component added for catchers). We used five rankers: Jeff Erickson, Derek VanRiper, Michael Rusignola, Andrew Martinez and Jason Collette. The rankings were provided completely blinded - none of the rankers saw any of the other rankings before the publication of this article. For more background on how to use these rankings, see the introduction to last month's update.

Upgrades since February

First, we'll go through a couple of players who have seen their stars rise since the February update.

  • Ryan Braun (OF) - March Rank: 9; February Rank: 16.
  • Giancarlo Stanton (OF) - March Rank: 23; February Rank: 29.
  • Jose Fernandez (SP) - March Rank: 30; February Rank: 38.
  • Justin Verlander (SP) - March Rank: 52; February Rank: 65.
  • Joakim Soria (CL) - March Rank: 180; February Rank: 279.
  • John Axford (CL) - March Rank: 266; February Rank: NR.
  • Rex Brothers (CL) - March Rank: 270; February Rank: NR.
  • Tyson Ross (SD) - March Rank: 274; February Rank: 348.
  • Yordano Ventura (SP) - March Rank: 297; February Rank: NR.
  • A.J. Pollock (OF) - March Rank: 306; February Rank: NR.

    Ryan Braun looks like the same guy we saw pre-thumb injury last season, and while he may never have a season as good as 2012 again, he still has elite potential. Giancarlo Stanton has looked strong and, most importantly, healthy throughout camp. Staying on the field for 150-plus games is the only thing standing between him and his first 40-homer campaign. Many of Jose Fernandez's starting pitching peers have gotten hurt this spring, putting a premium on the remaining aces. With the uncertainty over his spring debut settled, Justin Verlander has proven he is healthy and ready to roll. It was a legitimate 50/50 toss-up at the beginning of spring training, but the confidence in Joakim Soria is a function of him officially being named the closer after past success in the role.

    John Axford was signed by the Indians and after a strong spring, is expected to begin the season as the closer. Skills win out with Rex Brothers, and he will eventually unseat the elder Latroy Hawkins. Tyson Ross was trendy in just a handful of circles at the beginning of spring, but after seeing him go early in a few drafts and mocks, others have caught on. Yordano Ventura won the fifth spot in the KC rotation and has a lot of upside (and risk). Cody Ross is already hurt in camp and reports on A.J. Pollock out of camp have been good.

    Downgrades since February

    Here are the players who have seen their stock fall since February.

  • Chris Davis (1B) - March Rank: 14; February Rank: 7.
  • Yu Darvish (SP) - March Rank: 31; February Rank: 24.
  • Jose Reyes (SS) - March Rank: 48; February Rank: 36.
  • Josh Hamilton (OF) - March Rank: 66; February Rank: 51.
  • Mike Minor (SP) - March Rank: 116; February Rank: 73.
  • Aroldis Chapman (CL) - March Rank: 131; February Rank: 83.
  • Michael Bourn (OF) - March Rank: 201; February Rank: 130.
  • A.J. Griffin (SP) - March Rank: 298; February Rank: 177.
  • Kendrys Morales (1B) - March Rank: 319; February Rank: 171.
  • Jurickson Profar (TEX) - March Rank: 353; February Rank: 218.

    Chris Davis's second half numbers were more in line with his 2012 season (which wasn't terrible), meaning he presents a significant amount of risk as a mid first-round pick. Yu Darvish's slide is entirely the result of his neck injury this spring. Fortunately, there is no structural damage, but there are some questions as to how much time he'll miss as the season begins. Jose Reyes is already having issues with his hamstrings. Durability has been a major issue throughout Josh Hamilton's career. Having suffered a calf injury early in spring training, we are reluctant to bank on him staying healthy for 140-plus games. With several small injuries, Mike Minor likely won't be ready for the start of the season.

    A brutal head injury means Aroldis Chapman is going to miss 6-to-8 weeks. After having surgery in the offseason to repair his hamstring, Michael Bourn has had setbacks this spring with that same hamstring -- not a good sign for a player whose fantasy value lies almost wholly with his legs. A.J. Griffin's elbow tendonitis has depressed his draft day price. Kendrys Morales still hasn't signed and a potential destination doesn't seem obvious yet. Jurickson Profar will miss 10-12 weeks with a torn muscle in his shoulder.

    And on with...

    The List

    RankFull NamePosJeffDVRMichaelMartinezJasonMedian
    1Mike TroutOF 112111
    2Miguel Cabrera3B 221222
    3Andrew McCutchenOF 434333
    4Clayton KershawSP343444
    5Paul Goldschmidt1B 565555
    6Carlos GonzalezOF 776867
    7Bryce HarperOF 6118698
    8Adrian Beltre3B 1087221610
    9Ryan BraunOF 1159121511
    10Robinson Cano2B 141011141011
    11Edwin Encarnacion1B 9914211111
    12Jacoby EllsburyOF 8121591212
    13Hanley RamirezSS 12201711712
    14Chris Davis1B 16211313813
    15Adam JonesOF 131410381313
    16Joey Votto1B 172412151415
    17Prince Fielder1B 151716101816
    18David Wright3B 191918171718
    19Carlos GomezOF 301349161919
    20Jason Kipnis2B 182520202020
    21Evan Longoria3B 201819242320
    22Alex RiosOF 211524592121
    23Giancarlo StantonOF 26223473926
    24Jose BautistaOF 222925282626
    25Jay BruceOF 272326682226
    26Ian DesmondSS 243329192727
    27Stephen StrasburgSP293127252527
    28Freddie Freeman1B 231628293528
    29Troy TulowitzkiSS 252832234028
    30Jose FernandezSP372621314431
    31Yu DarvishSP314231303131
    32Dustin Pedroia2B 323236343333
    33Cliff LeeSP333923453233
    34Yasiel PuigOF 343541184135
    35Max ScherzerSP353043324835
    36Hunter PenceOF 393622583436
    37Justin UptonOF 283744354937
    38Chris SaleSP413839463639
    39Adam WainwrightSP365348264242
    40Eric Hosmer1B 404855422442
    41Shin-Soo ChooOF 432745472843
    42Jean SeguraSS 454360393843
    43Starling MarteOF 424556563045
    44Felix HernandezSP385446514646
    45Yoenis CespedesOF 624642523746
    46Albert Pujols1B 473451335447
    47Buster PoseyC 516333364747
    48Jose ReyesSS 554762402947
    49Wil MyersOF 604447654347
    50Allen Craig1B 489130435948
    51David OrtizDH 504980885050
    52Justin VerlanderSP4651703710951
    53Joe MauerC 525538486152
    54Madison BumgarnerSP445252495752
    55Matt HollidayOF 534037755353
    56Mark TrumboOF 495853834553
    57Matt Carpenter3B 546640415654
    58Josh Donaldson3B 566454645556
    59Alex GordonOF 6357501065257
    60Craig KimbrelCL585957506358
    61Carlos SantanaC 597259606960
    62Kenley JansenCL616763616262
    63Billy HamiltonOF 6456112278264
    64Wilin RosarioC 6568355510065
    65Adrian Gonzalez1B 756567636465
    66Josh HamiltonOF 6950661175166
    67Ian Kinsler2B 708169806670
    68Jose Abreu1B 668288707070
    69Desmond JenningsOF 716181736071
    70Zack GreinkeSP787164926871
    71Jason HeywardOF 814172577472
    72Jayson WerthOF 856273745873
    73Greg HollandCL738476626773
    74Matt KempOF 776974449174
    75Jordan ZimmermannSP679275727675
    76David PriceSP5776895412476
    77Yadier MolinaC 76100586711576
    78Elvis AndrusSS 797886537178
    79Ryan Zimmerman3B 746079877878
    80Leonys MartinOF 7210596796579
    81Brandon Moss1B 8086651557380
    82Michael CuddyerOF 8688681147286
    83Brandon Belt1B 88701001238888
    84Pedro Alvarez3B 10674106778989
    85Jonathan LucroyC 6895619012990
    86Kyle Seager3B 82115901127590
    87Anthony Rizzo1B 839791849591
    88Alfonso SorianoOF 91111771768191
    89Koji UeharaCL9377879310793
    90Anibal SanchezSP92931158211393
    91Coco CrispOF 9789941037794
    92Salvador PerezC 84109849422494
    93Gerrit ColeSP95831048111095
    94Carlos BeltranOF 8998851399696
    95Gio GonzalezSP90116981019798
    96Chase Headley3B 98948316011698
    97James ShieldsSP87108991118599
    98Austin JacksonOF 99107711918699
    99Matt CainSP10075107100112100
    100Curtis GrandersonOF 1011069310887101
    101Nelson CruzOF 11111010178102102
    102Jose Altuve2B 1138712586104104
    103Ben Zobrist2B 10513997105103105
    104Christian YelichOF 10311710517592105
    105Hyun-Jin RyuSP1071229517898107
    106Doug FisterSP9612510814994108
    107Julio TeheranSP10910111798125109
    108Joe NathanCL11010211495136110
    109Masahiro TanakaSP122104134110108110
    110Brian McCannC 1267911085203110
    111Aaron Hill2B 11273103120117112
    112Brett GardnerOF 10411212317293112
    113Trevor RosenthalCL9411912199114114
    114Billy ButlerDH 10211415113090114
    115Hisashi IwakumaSP1151318221599115
    116Mike MinorSP11613011116179116
    117Victor MartinezDH 11799175127105117
    118Mat LatosSP11412312697118118
    119Michael WachaSP1191217876132119
    120Homer BaileySP10812613791119119
    121Daniel Murphy2B 123147109190111123
    122Pablo Sandoval3B 1299612469154124
    123Brett Lawrie3B 127120158124121124
    124Andrelton SimmonsSS 124128139125120125
    125Matt WietersC 125138102113273125
    126Jedd Gyorko2B 12814811396126126
    127Jered WeaverSP14012412818483128
    128Shelby MillerSP139129118122130129
    129Alex CobbSP130134154121128130
    130Danny SalazarSP118135132138131132
    131Aroldis ChapmanCL20485228132101132
    132Mike Napoli1B 120133116147133133
    133Sergio RomoCL142113130133143133
    134Aramis Ramirez3B 133103120189155133
    135Martin Prado3B 13514011989148135
    136Starlin CastroSS 13780146136135136
    137David RobertsonCL138118138116138138
    138Andrew CashnerSP121164149107140140
    139Marco EstradaSP141157140183142142
    140Wilson RamosC 132143133146218143
    141Glen PerkinsCL150141144128150144
    142Cole HamelsSP131158135144146144
    143Brandon Phillips2B 144177143109181144
    144Chase Utley2B 136163131158145145
    145Steve CishekCL143155145156137145
    146Casey JanssenCL179145129185106145
    147Torii HunterOF 15416192140147147
    148Evan GattisC 147171147131327147
    149Jonathan VillarSS 155149212143122149
    150Angel PaganOF 166160150145144150
    151Jim JohnsonCL134151164171134151
    152Hiroki KurodaSP152152142232170152
    153Alejandro De AzaOF 21713215323480153
    154Matt Adams1B 149159165154157157
    155Jon LesterSP158168226115153158
    156Chris CarterOF 18314615919484159
    157Domonic BrownOF 16012716766177160
    158Grant BalfourCL156180160148160160
    159Shane VictorinoOF 168178161137158161
    160Jason CastroC 161162176119281162
    161Sonny GraySP173136235135164164
    162Josh ReddickOF 164200127235123164
    163Jonathan PapelbonCL151154187164201164
    164Kole CalhounOF 165202122192127165
    165Lance LynnSP159198207167156167
    166Rafael SorianoCL146166183168173168
    167C.J. WilsonSP157169196203152169
    168Alexei RamirezSS 170179171151159170
    169Francisco LirianoSP162170227141191170
    170A.J. BurnettSP153213156205171171
    171Jimmy RollinsSS 171258168218151171
    172Tony CingraniSP172181169134208172
    173Will Middlebrooks3B 252144173221139173
    174Jason GrilliCL148186174142174174
    175Matt MooreSP163174217186163174
    176Everth CabreraSS 1769023271190176
    177Johnny CuetoSP187176152163182176
    178Nick MarkakisOF 186172136301176176
    179Brian Dozier2B 184197177126149177
    180Joakim SoriaCL178150249169264178
    181Ernesto FrieriCL167196178182180180
    182Adam LaRoche1B 180188141266175180
    183Dexter FowlerOF 181189157233169181
    184Ben RevereOF 174182197201162182
    185R.A. DickeySP175183184196167183
    186Nick Swisher1B 191137155211184184
    187Anthony Rendon3B 188153247173248188
    188Nolan Arenado3B 189156194153241189
    189Xander BogaertsSS 190142240170236190
    190Will VenableOF 192201199102185192
    191Manny Machado3B 145205225179192192
    192Howie Kendrick2B 214187192NR188192
    193Kyle LohseSP193223148291141193
    194Brad MillerSS 201194162304178194
    195Matt GarzaSP198195205255179198
    196Ervin SantanaSP185199237202183199
    197Todd Frazier3B 200211180284196200
    198Dan StrailySP202193224280198202
    199Rajai DavisOF 257203206165194203
    200Michael BrantleyOF 203215189272204204
    201Michael BournOF 206206172216166206
    202CC SabathiaSP197207284187212207
    203Asdrubal CabreraSS 213167190332207207
    204Norichika AokiOF 223217208162165208
    205Dan HarenSP199209245212195209
    206Miguel MonteroC 195342201209NR209
    207Justin Morneau1B 194210166222220210
    208Dillon GeeSP209259210256172210
    209Chris Johnson3B 234261193193211211
    210Jim HendersonCL177212213177219212
    211Rick PorcelloSP212192297226200212
    212A.J. PierzynskiC 169NR170214NR214
    213Zack WheelerSP216191244181215215
    214Chris TillmanSP215221215239210215
    215Ivan NovaSP210216255240206216
    216George SpringerOF 300260204198216216
    217Marlon ByrdOF 218232163288187218
    218Tommy HunterCL208317218219205218
    219Corey KluberSP219222259159197219
    220Addison ReedCL207219252150257219
    221Justin MastersonSP211190316220226220
    222Tim HudsonSP220220216299214220
    223Erick AybarSS 224218222259221222
    224Omar Infante2B 222240179294209222
    225Adam Lind1B 276244221188223223
    226Khris DavisOF 228184186229225225
    227Ryan Howard1B 226225198207237225
    228Jose QuintanaSP225224257290222225
    229Adam EatonOF 205242242129227227
    230Denard SpanOF 227228223306228228
    231Jeff SamardzijaSP229214310197231229
    232Clay BuchholzSP233175243180230230
    233Jhonny PeraltaSS 230204209245233230
    234Ryan LudwickOF 258230188NR229230
    235Matt Dominguez3B 231304181313202231
    236Yan GomesC 196NR231118297231
    237Marcell OzunaOF 256231191NR186231
    238Andre EthierOF 262229195302232232
    239Colby RasmusOF 281185220236253236
    240Robbie GrossmanOF 283236211NR199236
    241Travis WoodSP221270238NR217238
    242Melky CabreraOF 273234182252239239
    243Scott KazmirSP241264308217238241
    244Bobby ParnellCL242265236152256242
    245Josh WillinghamOF 235252219271243243
    246Bartolo ColonSP236268230283244244
    247Jed LowrieSS 277245203157247245
    248Corey Hart1B 271239185270246246
    249Mark Teixeira1B 246282202237284246
    250Nate JonesCL247233268227285247
    251Neil Walker2B 248235251206288248
    252Huston StreetCL249226253200289249
    253J.J. HardySS 250246250104295250
    254Drew SmylySP251165299166300251
    255Yovani GallardoSP239208321281252252
    256B.J. UptonOF 238254279273245254
    257Jake PeavySP240263267223255255
    258Carl CrawfordOF 244274256199267256
    259David Freese3B 278257214254261257
    260Nick CastellanosOF 309248262210304262
    261Alcides EscobarSS 282262275261254262
    262Eric Young Jr.OF 263237288297234263
    263Wade MileySP264238263NR235263
    264Daniel NavaOF 313227264250306264
    265Jarrod SaltalamacchiaC 259NR241264NR264
    266John AxfordCL266NR295204259266
    267Chris ArcherSP182267271224274267
    268Derek JeterSS 245275233279269269
    269Ian KennedySP243269NR282260269
    270Rex BrothersCL268NR270258NR270
    271Avisail GarciaOF 272256285251301272
    272Zach McAllisterSP274241315NR240274
    273Carlos QuentinOF 299251260275299275
    274Tyson RossSP331173NR195276276
    275Charlie BlackmonOF NR276272NR270276
    276Adam Dunn1B 287278239274278278
    277Russell MartinC 254NR258278NR278
    278Mike Moustakas3B 232279282265312279
    279Alex WoodSP301253331231279279
    280Miguel GonzalezSP279NR265NR250279
    281Fernando RodneyCL292284261174287284
    282Gregory PolancoOF 284266330NR271284
    283Wei-Yin ChenSP285277328NR272285
    284Tim LincecumSP291283NR249286286
    285Bronson ArroyoSP275NR286NR242286
    286Joe KellySP265302289NR189289
    287Jorge De La RosaSP288289334NR282289
    288Jarrod DysonOF 289281NRNR283289
    289Gerardo ParraOF 293243274308290290
    290Jose VerasCL253298320242292292
    291Cody Asche3B 321294322277280294
    292Mike LeakeSP295285349NR293295
    293Yonder Alonso1B 296286290319330296
    294Zack CozartSS 290296296NR314296
    295Welington CastilloC 260NR287296NR296
    296Jon NieseSP297287329NR249297
    297Yordano VenturaSP269NR303230302302
    298A.J. GriffinSP303NR229NR161303
    299Alex AvilaC 261NR291305NR305
    300Kelly Johnson2B 307249324NR213307
    301Joaquin BenoitSTP316290254339308308
    302Junior LakeOF 302308NR208329308
    303Oswaldo ArciaOF 237250326309320309
    304James Loney1B 333309325303294309
    305Ubaldo JimenezSP343311NR225258311
    306A.J. PollockOF 280329311NR262311
    307Carlos RuizC 312NR278247NR312
    308Mark Reynolds1B 323295307327313313
    309Wily PeraltaSP314312NRNR275314
    310Cody AllenSTP342315313300336315
    311Lorenzo CainOF 317291323334309317
    312Chris DenorfiaOF 325299317NR316317
    313Travis d'ArnaudC 255318NR287NR318
    314Jon JayOF 318NR305341310318
    315Jackie BradleyOF 319292335NR311319
    316Phil HughesSP320293NRNR268320
    317Mark MelanconSTP327303292NR321321
    318Oscar TaverasOF 306321NR228NR321
    319Kendrys Morales1B 322NRNR244168322
    320Dayan ViciedoOF 328305304NR323323
    321Trevor CahillSP324297NRNR315324
    322Wandy RodriguezSP326280336NR319326
    323Brandon MorrowSP332307NR298326326
    324Jake OdorizziSP329306NRNR324329
    325Garrett Jones1B 330NR309NR325330
    326Alex Guerrero2B NR331298NR251331
    327Erasmo RamirezSPNR332NR310298332
    328Martin PerezSP298247NRNR333333
    329Danny FarquharSTPNRNR333321305333
    330Michael SaundersOF 334310343NR331334
    331David MurphyOF 341314332NR335335
    332Mike ZuninoC NR301337323NR337
    333Kolten Wong2B338326NR213345338
    334Josmil PintoC NR328266338NR338
    335Gordon Beckham2B 339313342NR334339
    336Peter BourjosOF 304NRNR314339339
    337Darren O'DaySTP344340200NRNR344
    338Devin MesoracoC 315NR344253NR344
    339A.J. EllisC 336NR338344NR344
    340Nick Franklin2B 345273NRNR265345
    341Michael PinedaSP346NR327241NR346
    342Ike Davis1B NR322346285NR346
    343Sergio SantosSTPNRNR294340346346
    344Tanner ScheppersSP347343NR317NR347
    345Mike Olt3B 348341348NRNR348
    346J.J. HooverSTP350NR248257NR350
    347Cameron MaybinOFNRNRNR307193395.5
    348Stephen DrewSSNR271NRNR266395.5
    349Tommy MiloneSP267NR283NRNR395.5
    350Archie BradleySPNR320NR238NR395.5

    NR = Not Ranked
    Abst = Abstained from Ranking
    Players with the same median were ranked secondarily by their average ranking. Players who were not ranked were assigned a ranking of 395.5 (the midpoint between 351 and 440, the total number of ranked players) for the purpose of computing the median and average.