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NBA Value Meter: Six Games For The Spaniard

Eric Johnson

Eric Johnson writes about fantasy sports for RotoWire.


This is our weekly cheat sheet based on our player's projected output and number of games. It assumes an eight-category roto style league with the following categories: points, rebounds, assists, steals, blocks, three-pointers made, free-throw percentage and field-goal percentage.

These are my rankings. They do not necessarily correspond with the RotoWire cheat sheet or our projections for the season. I use both as a rough guide, but I primarily factor in number of games played for the week, current player trends and pertinent information about the team (injuries, time share situations, etc). The Value Meter takes into account games played Monday through Saturday. We will try to update the meter with any breaking news that happens on Sunday, but in most cases, any injuries, lineup changes, etc. that happen on Sunday won't be accounted for on the Value Meter until the following week.

Week 1: December 25th - January 1st

Note: NBA season starts on a Sunday so the first fantasy week will run from Sunday, 12/25 thru Sunday 1/1. All other weeks will run Monday thru Sunday.

Six Games: LAL
Three Games: MIL
Two Games: NONE
One Game: NONE
Point Guards
Rank Player Eligible Team Games Comment
1 Derrick Rose [PG] CHI 5 Averaged 25.0 points, 7.7 assists, 4.1 rebounds and 1.6 threes last year and still hasn't reached his ceiling.
2 Deron Williams [PG] NJ 5 Should be the most ready to play of any NBA star after playing pro ball in Turkey during the lockout. Averaged career-high 12.8 assists in twelve games with the Nets last year.
3 Russell Westbrook [PG] OKC 5
4 Rajon Rondo [PG] BOS 5
5 Tyreke Evans [PG,SG] SAC 5
6 Chris Paul [PG] LAC 4
7 John Wall [PG] WAS 4 Solid rookie season (16.4 ppg., 8.4 apg., 1.8 spg) and field goal percentage (41%) should improve.
8 Ty Lawson [PG] DEN 5 Averaged 14.4 points, 6.9 assists, 1.4 steals and 1.2 blocks after the All-Star break last year.
9 Jrue Holiday [PG] PHI 4
10 Kyle Lowry [PG] HOU 4 Averaged 16.8 points, 7.3 assists, 2.5 threes and 1.1 steals after the All-Star break last year.
11 Steve Nash [PG] PHO 4
12 Raymond Felton [PG] POR 4 Should be back to 2nd tier point guard status after being liberated from time-share situation in Denver.
13 Mike Conley, Jr. [PG] MEM 4
14 Jason Kidd [PG] DAL 5
15 Jameer Nelson [PG] ORL 5
16 Tony Parker [PG] SAS 4
17 Devin Harris [PG] UTA 4
18 Stephen Curry * [PG,SG] GSW 4 Day-to-day (ankle). Could miss some time after spraining ankle in last pre-season game.
19 Toney Douglas [PG,SG] NYK 4 Averaged 13.9 points, 5.7 assists and 2.4 threes in nine starts last year but arrival of Baron Davis could severely hurt future value.
20 Rodney Stuckey [PG,SG] DET 4 Could see points increase and assists decrease if Brandon Knight or Will Bynum get extended minutes at point guard.
21 D.J. Augustin [PG] CHA 4
22 Darren Collison [PG] IND 4
23 Jeff Teague * [PG] ATL 4 Day-to-day (ankle). Will start with Kirk Hinrich (shoulder) out until late January. Averaged 14.8 points and 4.2 assists as a starter during last year's playoffs.
24 Andre Miller [PG] DEN 5
25 Mario Chalmers [PG] MIA 5
26 Brandon Jennings [PG] MIL 3
27 Jarrett Jack [PG,SG] NO 4 Suspended for first game of season (reckless driving violation) but has starting point guard job all to himself.
28 Maurice Williams [PG,SG] LAC 4 Value goes way down with Chauncey Billups and CP3 starting, but could still see 25-30 minutes a night as a backup while Eric Bledsoe (knee) is out.
29 Derek Fisher [PG,SG] LAL 6
30 Jose Calderon [PG] TOR 4 Could be in time share with Jerryd Bayless.
31 Kyrie Ivring [PG] CLE 4
32 Ramon Sessions [PG,SG] CLE 4
33 Luke Ridnour [PG] MIN 4
34 Jerryd Bayless [PG] TOR 4
35 Ricky Rubio [PG] MIN 4 Will likely start season coming off the bench behind Luke Ridnour.

Shooting Guards
Rank Player Eligible Team Games Comment
1 Dwyane Wade [SG] MIA 5
2 Kobe Bryant* [SG] LAL 6 Day-to-day (wrist). Will most likely try to play with injury but field goal percentage could suffer as a result.
3 Monta Ellis [PG,SG] GSW 4 Could see increase in production if Stephen Curry (ankle) misses time this week.
4 Eric Gordon [SG] NO 4
5 Kevin Martin [SG] HOU 4
6 Joe Johnson [SG] ATL 4 Last year's numbers (18.2 ppg, 1.2 threes per game, 0.7 spg and 4.0 rpg) were worst since joining the Hawks in 2005.
7 Marcus Thornton [SG] SAC 5
8 James Harden [SG] OKC 5 Might not start, but looks primed for a breakout year. Averaged 13.0 points, 5.4 rebounds, 1.2 steals and 1.4 threes in the playoffs last year.
9 Ray Allen [SG] BOS 5
10 Jason Richardson [SG,SF] ORL 5
11 Jason Terry [PG,SG] DAL 5
12 Manu Ginobili [SG] SAS 4 Will be interesting to see how Spurs coach Gregg Popovich monitors Manu's minutes this year. Only averaged 30.3 mpg last year.
13 Chauncey Billups [PG] LAC 4 Assists will take a hit with move to shooting guard but could still be decent source for points and threes.
14 Wesley Matthews [SG,SF] POR 4 Could lose some minutes to Jamal Crawford.
15 DeMar DeRozan [SG,SF] TOR 4
16 Richard Hamilton [SG,SF] CHI 5
17 Aaron Afflalo [SG] DEN 5
18 Anthony Morrow [SG,SF] NJ 5
19 Rudy Fernandez [SG,SF] DEN 5
20 J.J. Redick [SG] ORL 5
21 Jimmer Fredette [PG,SG] SAC 5
22 Jared Dudley [SG,SF] PHO 4 Starter at shooting guard with Vince Carter gone but Shannon Brown is in the mix for minutes. Averaged 16.3 points, 1.7 threes and 2.1 steals in fifteen starts last season.
23 Paul George [SG] IND 4 Departure of Brandon Rush and Mike Dunleavy leaves starting spot wide open for George.
24 Jamal Crawford [PG,SG] POR 4
25 Tony Allen [SG] MEM 4
26 Ben Gordon [SG] DET 4 Rip Hamilton's departure could open door for Gordon to start at shooting guard.
27 Gerald Henderson [SG,SF] CHA 4 Averaged 13.4 points and 1.2 steals in thirty starts last year.
28 George Hill [PG,SG] IND 4
29 Francisco Garcia [SG,SF] SAC 5
30 Landry Fields [SG] NYK 4
31 Louis Williams [PG,SG] PHI 4
32 Jordan Crawford [SG] WAS 4
33 Nick Young [SG] WAS 4 Led the Wizards in scoring last year (17 ppg) but could get off to slow start this year. Missed most of training camp and could be challenged for minutes by Jordan Crawford.
34 Kemba Walker [PG,SG] CHA 4
35 Mike Dunleavy [SG] MIL 3 Should see solid minutes backing up Stephen Jackson at shooting guard and Carlos Delfino at small forward.

Small Forwards
Rank Player Eligible Team Games Comment
1 LeBron James [SF] MIA 5
2 Kevin Durant [SG,SF] OKC 5
3 Luol Deng [SG,SF] CHI 5
4 Danilo Gallinari [SF] DEN 5 Could be #1 scoring option in Denver.
5 Carmelo Anthony [SF] NYK 4
6 Andre Iguodala [SG,SF] PHI 4 Struggled last year from the field (44.5%) and the line (69%) but all around game (14.1 ppg., 6.3 apg., 5.8 rpg., 1.5 spg.) is hard to ignore.
7 Gerald Wallace [SF,PF] POR 4
8 Rudy Gay [SG,SF] MEM 4
9 Danny Granger [SF] IND 4 Shot career-low 43% from the field last year.
10 Dorell Wright [SG,SF] GSW 4 Ranked 7th in the NBA in minutes played last year (38.4 mpg.).
11 Michael Beasley [SF,PF] MIN 4
12 Corey Maggette [SF] CHA 4 Someone has to score for the Bobcats.
13 Shawn Marion [SF,PF] DAL 5
14 Hedo Turkoglu [SF,PF] ORL 5
15 John Salmons [SG,SF] SAC 5 Starter at small forward but Kings are loaded on the wing.
16 Omri Casspi [SG,SF] SAC 5
17 Caron Butler [SF] LAC 4
18 Trevor Ariza [SF] NO 4 Never has been a good shooter (43% career FG%) but should be decent solid source for threes and steals this year.
19 Stephen Jackson [SG,SF] MIL 3
20 Paul Pierce * [SG,SF] BOS 5 Day-to-day (heel). Doubtful for Sunday's opener.
21 CJ Miles [SG,SF] UTA 4
22 Nicolas Batum [SF] POR 4
23 Chase Budinger [SG,SF] HOU 4
24 Rashard Lewis [SF] WAS 4
25 Tayshaun Prince [SF] DET 4
26 Wesley Johnson [SF] MIN 4
27 Thaddeus Young [SF,PF] PHI 4
28 Austin Daye [SF,PF] DET 4 Could see bump in minutes with Charlie Villanueva suspended for first four games of the season.
29 Matt Barnes [SF] LAL 6
30 Metta World Peace [SF] LAL 6
31 Carlos Delfino [SG,SF] MIL 3 Averaged 11.5 points, 2.1 threes and 1.6 steals last year in 49 games (concussion).
32 Richard Jefferson [SF] SAS 4
33 Marvin Williams [SF] ATL 4
34 Damion James [SF] NJ 5 Looks to have starting small forward job to himself with Travis Outlaw in Sacramento.
35 Grant Hill [SG,SF] PHO 4

Power Forwards
Rank Player Eligible Team Games Comment
1 Pau Gasol [PF,C] LAL 6 Should see bump in production with Andrew Bynum out (suspension) for five of six games this week. Averaged 18.8 points, 10.2 rebounds and 1.6 blocks last year.
2 Dirk Nowitzki [PF] DAL 5
3 Chris Bosh [PF,C] MIA 5
4 Carlos Boozer [PF] CHI 5
5 Kevin Love [PF] MIN 4
6 LaMarcus Aldridge [PF,C] POR 4
7 Josh Smith [SF,PF] ATL 4
8 Blake Griffin [PF] LAC 4 Double-double machine but only averaged 0.5 blocks per game last year and shot 64% from the line.
9 Kevin Garnett [PF] BOS 5 Injury risk alert. If condensed schedule wasn't bad enough, KG might have to play some center this year.
10 David Lee [PF] GSW 4
11 Zach Randolph [PF] MEM 4
12 Greg Monroe [PF,C] DET 4 Averaged 13.7 points, 10.0 rebounds and 1.6 steals in 33 minutes after the All-Star break last year.
13 David West [PF] IND 4 Looks to be fully recovered from torn ACL.
14 Elton Brand [PF] PHI 4
15 Tim Duncan [PF,C] SAS 4 35 years old and averaged a career-low 28 minutes last year. Could get rested a lot this year with shortened season.
16 Luis Scola [SF,PF] HOU 4
17 Channing Frye [PF,C] PHO 4
18 Lamar Odom [PF] DAL 5 Won't start, but should see 30+ minutes a night backing up Shawn Marion at small forward and Dirk Nowitzki at power forward.
19 Andray Blatche [PF] WAS 4
20 Boris Diaw [PF,C] CHA 4 Could see some time at center for the front-court depleted Bobcats.
21 Brandon Bass [SF,PF] BOS 5 Should see 30+ minutes backing up Kevin Garnett at power forward and Jermaine O'Neal at center.
22 J.J. Hickson [PF] SAC 5 Could slide into starting role with Chuck Hayes out of the picture.
23 Glen Davis [PF] ORL 5
24 Ryan Anderson [PF] ORL 5
25 Kris Humphries [PF] NJ 5 Value goes up with Brook Lopez out (broken foot).
26 Paul Millsap [SF,PF] UTA 4 Has not been guaranteed a spot in the starting lineup - receiving some serious competition from Derrick Favors.
27 Antawn Jamison [PF] CLE 4
28 Tyrus Thomas * [SF,PF] CHA 4 Day to day (ankle)
29 Taj Gibson [PF] CHI 5
30 Jason Thompson [PF,C] SAC 5
31 Al Harrington [SF,PF] DEN 5
32 Tyler Hansbrough [PF] IND 4
33 Derrick Favors [PF] UTA 4
34 Amir Johnson [PF,C] TOR 4
35 Carl Landry [SF,PF] NO 4

Rank Player Eligible Team Games Comment
1 Dwight Howard [C] ORL 5
2 Joakim Noah [C] CHI 5
3 Nene [PF,C] DEN 5
4 Serge Ibaka [PF,C] OKC 5 Averaged 2.4 blocks per game last year in only 27.0 minutes per game.
5 DeMarcus Cousins [C] SAC 5
6 Al Jefferson [PF,C] UTA 4
7 Amare Stoudemire [C] NYK 4
8 Al Horford [PF,C] ATL 4
9 Andrea Bargnani [PF,C] TOR 4 Reportedly focusing on improving rebounding this year (5.2 rpg last year).
10 Marc Gasol [C] MEM 4
11 JaVale McGee [PF,C] WAS 4
12 Marcin Gortat * [C] PHO 4 Day-to-day (thumb). Averaged 15.3 points, 10.6 rebounds and 1.5 blocks after the All-Star break last year.
13 Roy Hibbert [C] IND 4
14 Tyson Chandler [C] NYK 4
15 DeAndre Jordan [C] LAC 4 Should benefit with CP3 at the point and play lots of minutes with Clips thin in the frontcourt.
16 Brendan Haywood [C] DAL 5 Has starting job all to himself with Tyson Chandler in New York.
17 Kendrick Perkins [C] OKC 5
18 Andrew Bogut [C] MIL 3 League leader in blocks last year (2.6 bpg), but beware of free throw percentage (44% last year).
19 Anderson Varejeo [PF,C] CLE 4 Averaged 9.1 points, 9.7 rebounds and 1.2 blocks in 31 games last year.
20 Chris Kaman [C] NO 4
21 Emeka Okafor [PF,C] NO 4
22 Jermaine O'Neal [PF,C] BOS 5
23 Joel Anthony [C] MIA 5
24 Timofey Mozgov [C] DEN 5 Could be opening day starter at center for the Nuggets.
25 Darko Milicic [PF,C] MIN 4
26 Spencer Hawes [C] PHI 4
27 Andris Biedrins [C] GSW 4 Could be in three headed time-share with Kwame Brown and Ekpe Udoh.
28 DeJuan Blair [PF,C] SAS 4
29 Jordan Hill [PF,C] HOU 4
30 Samuel Dalembert [C] HOU 4 Missed all of training camp but should take over starting job from Jordan Hill sooner than later.
31 Tiago Splitter [PF,C] SAS 4
32 Robin Lopez [C] PHO 4 Could see bump if minutes if Marcin Gortat (thumb) misses time.
33 Ed Davis [PF] TOR 4
34 Johan Petro [C] NJ 5
35 Mehmet Okur [C] NJ 5 Johan Petro might start this week, but Mehmut Okur is the long-term answer at center with Brook Lopez (foot) out 6-8 weeks.