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NBA Draft Kit: Composite Top 50 Keeper Rankings

Michael Chua

Michael Chua is a basketball statistics expert from the Philippines. He has worked as a student manager for the University of Wisconsin Men's basketball team. He is also the basketball program consultant for his high school alma mater, Shanghai American School, in China.

Four of our RotoWire fantasy basketball experts (Andre' Snellings, Shannon McKeown, James Anderson, and Kyle McKeown) ranked their top 50 keepers for the 2013-2014 NBA season, and the composite average of these rankings are compiled below. They completed their rankings individually, without knowledge of each others' rankings.

The rankings below are based on the assumption of a 9-category head-to-head league. A player's rank is based on his average score given by the writers. In the case of ties (such as Chris Paul, Kyrie Irving and Anthony Davis), players are secondarily ranked by the standard deviation of their scores (a lower SD indicating higher agreement between scorers).

Unranked players are assigned the following for each writer in calculating their average: 55 if unranked by one writer, 60 if unranked by two writers, and 65 if unranked by three writers. For example, Jrue Holiday was unranked by Andre', and so he would be assigned a 55 under Andre's rank; Chandler Parsons on the other hand would be assigned 60's under both Shannon's and James's ranks.

RankNameK. McKeownS. McKeownAndersonSnellingsAverageSD
1Kevin Durant11211.30.4
2LeBron James22121.80.4
3James Harden33433.30.4
4Stephen Curry47755.81.3
5Paul George86697.31.3
6Chris Paul99847.52.1
7Kyrie Irving685117.52.3
8Anthony Davis551467.53.8
9Kevin Love1141188.52.9
10Russell Westbrook7133139.04.2
11Serge Ibaka1412221014.54.6
12Al Horford1510181715.03.1
13Damian Lillard2117151216.33.3
14John Wall1014132816.36.9
15Derrick Rose1821101816.84.1
16Marc Gasol291592018.37.3
17Carmelo Anthony431112718.314.4
18Larry Sanders1329162520.86.5
19Al Jefferson2820192322.53.5
20LaMarcus Aldridge3022241623.05.0
21Kawhi Leonard1628312424.85.6
22Nicolas Batum121820NR26.316.9
23Dwight Howard2726411427.09.6
24Ty Lawson2419234327.39.3
25Deron WilliamsNR16172227.516.0
26Mike Conley2342332631.07.3
27Josh Smith4425253131.37.8
28Joakim Noah3631263331.53.6
29Kemba Walker2240432131.510.1
30Blake Griffin3133382732.34.0
31Jrue Holiday252327NR32.513.1
32DeMarcus Cousins3924343432.85.4
33Dwyane WadeNR36281533.514.5
34Nikola Vucevic3732363535.01.9
35Brandon Jennings4127353735.05.1
36Ricky Rubio403021NR36.512.6
37Derrick Favors1948473637.511.7
38Dirk NowitzkiNR38293238.510.1
39Brook Lopez3843463039.36.1
40Andre Drummond203945NR39.812.8
41Paul MillsapNR37501940.313.9
42Tony ParkerNR41323841.58.4
43Bradley Beal3544404942.05.1
44Greg Monroe4935494745.05.8
45Chandler Parsons32NRNR2945.314.8
46Klay ThompsonNR3430NR46.014.1
47Ersan Ilyasova454644NR47.54.4
48Goran Dragic34NRNR4449.511.1
49Rajon RondoNRNR374550.59.9
50Rudy GayNR45NR4151.58.6

On The Fringe

Tobias Harris (Ranked 39 by James, 47 by Kyle)
David Lee (Ranked 39 by Andre, 47 by Shannon)
Jeff Green (Ranked 40 by Andre, 48 by James)
JaVale McGee (Ranked 42 by Kyle, 50 by Andre)
Jonas Valanciunas (Ranked 17 by Kyle)