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Daily Games Cheat Sheet: Friday-Saturday

Jackson Sanders

Jackson Sanders writes about fantasy sports for RotoWire.


Defenses to Avoid
Atlanta Hawks at Brooklyn Nets: With a mere two games available for Friday-Saturday, there is no avoiding any matchup. However, itís worth noting that the Nets have seen some of their key players tagged with unattractive salaries. Deron Williams, Thaddeus Young, Bojan Bogdanovic and others have simply not been as consistent as they need to be to justify grabbing them with so few options on the board.

Offenses to Use
San Antonio Spurs at Los Angeles Clippers: Itís Game 7 at home for the Clippers, and they are a great team to invest in. Doc Rivers has absolutely no bench, and given the ďwin-or-go-homeĒ nature of this game, we could see a lot of the stud players in this one. They have had success as an offense in this series, and the assured playing time makes the Clippers the team to target.

First game of a back-to-back:: None
Second game of a back-to-back:None

Point Guard
Chris Paul, LAC ($10,000): Aside from possibly a banged-up Jeff Teague, Paul is the only option that has a realistic expectation of 40+ DraftKings points at point guard. He has scored at least 45 DraftKings points in every game of the series besides the blowout in Game 3, and he will need to continue to play heavy minutes in the deciding Game 7.

Other suggestions: Jeff Teague (at BKN), Patty Mills (at LAC)

Shooting Guard
Alan Anderson, BKN ($3,300): Anderson is a punt option for the shooting guard position, but heís trending in the right direction. Heís hit at least 20 DraftKings points in his last two games, including over 30 in his last game. While expectations should not be that high, taking a shot with Anderson beats paying up for the top options.

Other suggestions: Kyle Korver (at BKN), Danny Green (at LAC)

Small Forward
Matt Barnes, LAC ($3,900): Unless you feel like paying up for the big ticket guys, Barnes is the only logical option. He has been hovering around the 20 DraftKings-point mark over his last two games despite a shoulder strain, and thatís the number we are targeting by adding him. Additionally, he saves cap space, allowing the addition of studs like Chris Paul, Blake Griffin and Tim Duncan.

Other suggestions: Kawhi Leonard (at LAC), Demarre Carroll (at BKN)

Power Forward
Blake Griffin, LAC ($10,200): Another game, another 60 DraftKings points for Griffin, who has dominated the stat sheet in nearly every game this series. Heís hit at least 55 DraftKings points in each game aside from the Game 3 blowout, and thereís no reason to shy away from him in Game 7.

Other suggestions: Tim Duncan (at LAC), Boris Diaw (at LAC)

Tiago Splitter, SA ($3,000): Splitter is another punt option that allows you to fill more studs into your lineups. He finally played a full complement of minutes in Game 6 and racked up 25 DraftKings points. A performance like that would be excellent value, but we are aiming for around 15 DraftKings points here.

Other suggestions: Al Horford (at BKN)


Glen Davis (ankle)
Thabo Sefolosha (leg)

Game-Time Decision
Jordan Hamilton (concussion)
Jeff Teague (ankle)

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