2018 Fantasy Baseball Position Eligibility Notes

This time last year, I referred to position-eligibility changes as an “interesting” database project.

It’s all relative, of course, and if nothing else, sweeping the list “by hand” is a reminder that I should probably figure out a better way.

With another fantasy baseball season in the books, it’s time to look at the changes to the player pool for 2018.

For the purposes of this list, I used 20 games played at a position, or the position a player appeared at the most if they played fewer than 20 games.

You can adjust the thresholds and check eligibility with the RotoWire Games Played by Position page.

All changes I found using this criteria are documented in full here.

See anything awry? Let me know @DerekVanRiper.

Note: The list below is alphabetized by last name and players of the most interest to the author are in bold.

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Austin, Tyler — 1B-only (may have had OF-elig some places)
Baez, Javier — Lost 3B eligibility
Barnes, Austin — Added 2B eligibility
Barreto, Franklin — SS by default, more GP at SS than 2B
Bregman, Alex — Added SS eligibility (still 3B-elig too)
Bryant, Kris — 3B only, Lost OF-elig
Cabrera, Asdrubal — Added 2B & 3B eligibility
Calhoun, Willie — OF-only now; was 2B by default
Carpenter, Matt — 1B-only now; had 2B & 3B throughout 2017
Castellanos, Nick — Added OF-elig
Contreras, Willson — C-only; had OF-elig in 2017
Crawford, J.P. — 3B-only; lost SS
Cruz, Nelson — Now UT-only; lost OF
Davidson, Matt — Added 3B; was UT-only to begin 2017
DeJong, Paul — Default SS, also 2B-elig; default was 3B
Delmonico, Nicky — Now OF-only; was 3B-elig
Desmond, Ian — Added 1B-elig
Drury, Brandon — 2B-only; lost 3B
Escobar, Eduardo — 3B-only; lost SS
Frazier, Adam — Added 2B; was OF-only to begin 2017
Gallo, Joey — Eligible at both corners; was 3B-only to start 2017
Gonzalez, Marwin — Added 2B/SS/OF, Had 1B/3B to begin 2017, lost 3B
Gyorko, Jedd — 3B-only; lost 2B/SS elig
Hanson, Alen — 2B/OF
Happ, Ian — Has 2B/OF-elig for 2018
Harrison, Josh — Added 3B-elig, has 2B/3B
Hernandez, Enrique — Added SS-elig, now SS/OF
Holliday, Matt — Now UT-only; lost OF
Holt, Brock — 2B-only now; lost oF
Hoskins, Rhys — 1B/OF; may have added OF in some leagues
Kendrick, Howie — OF-only now, had 2B-elig in 2017
Machado, Manny — 3B-only again; lost SS-elig from 2017
Mancini, Trey — 1B/OF…was UT-only to begin 2017
Martinez, Jose — 1B/OF-elig for 2018
McMahon, Ryan — 1B-only now; had 3B-elig in 2017
Mejia, Francisco — UT-only now; most games played there in 2017
Miller, Brad — 2B-only; lost SS-elig
Moncada, Yoan — 2B-only now
Mondesi, Raul — Continues to be 2B-only (Could add SS in first week of ’18)
Morales, Kendrys — Still UT-only; added in-season 1B in some leagues
Moss, Brandon — UT-only; Had OF/1B elig in 2017
Motter, Taylor — SS-only, qualified other places in-season 2017
Murphy, Daniel — 2B-only now; lost 1B-elig
Nunez, Eduardo — Lost SS-elig, 3B/OF/2B still!
Nunez, Renato — OF-only now; lost 3B
Olson, Matt — 1B-only now; was OF-elig
Pearce, Steve — OF-only now; lost 1B
Peraza, Jose — 2B/SS-elig for 2018
Perez, Hernan — OF/3B again; same entering 2017
Phillips, Brandon — 2B & 3B now;
Pinder, Chad — SS/OF now; lost 2B
Pirela, Jose — OF-only now; lost 2B
Profar, Jurickson — OF-only now
Pujols, Albert — UT-only now
Ramirez, Hanley — UT-only now
Ramirez, Jose — Added 2B-elig (also 3B default); lost OF
Reyes, Jose — Added 2B/SS; was 3B-only
Robertson, Daniel — Now SS & 2B-elig
Sanchez, Yolmer — 2B/3B now; was 2B only
Solarte, Yangervis — Added 2B/SS, was 3B-only, now all three
Spangenberg, Cory — Lost 2B; now 3B/OF
Taylor, Chris — 2B/OF now; 3B-default in 2017
Thames, Eric — 1B/OF for 2018, was one or the other to begin 2017
Turner, Trea — SS only now; lost 2B-elig
Valaika, Pat — SS-only; had 3B-elig
Valbuena, Luis — 1B/3B
Valencia, Danny — 1B-only now; lost 3B & OF
Villar, Jonathan — 2B-only now; lost 3B/SS
Wade, Tyler — 2B-only