Beat Chris Liss “Second Chance” NFBC League

Last night, the Beat Chris Liss “Second Chance” league took place. It was a typical 12-team NFBC online-style format, only stats begin accumulating Memorial Day and continue until the end of the year. I picked 12th, my first choice via KDS

Here are the results:

1.12 Justin Verlander – He was the top pitcher on my board, in part because he plays in a great park and pitchers for the best team, i.e., he could win 24 games if he stays healthy.

2.1 Chris Sale – I considered J.D. Martinez, but I chose 12 as my spot in part because I wanted to double up on top pitchers if I had the chance.

3.12 Vlad Guerrero – He’s made the adjustment over the last week or so, and he’s up for good. And batting average is the category that lets you take chances later.

4.1 Gleyber Torres – Seemed like the most rock solid offensive player available. I considered Charlie Blackmon, but he was banged up and went on the DL shortly after the draft.

5.12 Manny Machado – I honestly couldn’t believe he was still available. He hasn’t been great in San Diego, but his performance isn’t so bad that I felt the park is a death sentence for him.

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6.1 Aaron Nola – I considered a closer, but I couldn’t pass up the value in this round.

7.12 Andrew Benintendi – I hated him in the third during draft season, but last I checked he still leads off for the Red Sox.

8.1 Victor Robles – I needed some steals.

9.12 Nick Senzel – More steals, and another leadoff hitter in what should be a decent lineup when the weather warms.

10.1 Eloy Jimenez – Too good of a prospect to fail as long as he stays healthy.

11.12 Corey Seager – Starting to heat up after a slow start. Was a rising star two years ago and still at his peak.

12.1 Daniel Murphy – He seems to be healthy now, and the sky’s still the limit in Coors if he is.

13.12 Fernando Tatis – He should be back soon, and he was raking before he got hurt.

14.1 Khris Davis – It’s unclear how long he’ll be out, but if he’s back soon, he’ll deliver the power my team needs.

15.12 Hansel Robles – No idea how they let me have both Robleses. Ostensibly the closer for the Angels for now.

16.1 Wade Davis – Reportedly due back soon, and I knew his replacement, Scott Oberg, would be cheap.

17.12 Steven Matz – He’s been great except for one terrible six-ER outing where he didn’t record an out.

18.1 Corbin Martin – Ideal environment in Houston

19.12 Brendan Rodgers – I was surprised he lasted this long. He’s a real pedigreed prospect with a job in Coors.

20.1 Alex Verdugo – With A.J. Pollock out indefinitely, he should play almost every day.

21.12 Wade Miley – My third Astros pitcher.

22.1 Miguel Cabrera – Probably done, but dirt cheap.

23. 12 Yonny Chirinos – Solid pitcher, set up for easy wins after the opener.

24.1 Scott Oberg – Wade Davis fill-in.

25.12 Kevin Gausman – Another arm on a decent team.

26.1 Tony Wolters First catcher, Coors Field starter.

27.12 Julio Urias – Elite middle reliever.

28.1 Bryan Reynolds – Could keep the job if he keeps hitting.

29.12 Tyler Flowers – Second catcher.

30.1 Zach Britton – Closer-in-waiting spec pick.

Team By Position

C Tony Wolters/Tyler Flowers

1B Daniel Murphy

2B Gleyber Torres

3B Vlad Guerrero

SS Corey Seager

CI Manny Machado

MI Brendan Rodgers

OF Andrew Benintendi/Victor Robles/Eloy Jimenez/Nick Senzel/Alex Verdugo

U Khris Davis

SP Justin Verlander/Chris Sale/Aaron Nola/Steven Matz/Corbin Martin/Wade Miley/Yonny Chirinos

RP Wade Davis/Hansel Robles

B Fernando Tatis/Miguel Cabrera/Scott Oberg/Kevin Gausman/Julio Urias/Bryan Reynolds/Zach Britton