College Football Injury Update – Week 3

College Football Injury Update- Week 3

Going into week 3 of the College football 2012 season, the biggest injury stories come from key injuries within the upcoming No.1 Alabama vs. Arkansas game this upcoming Saturday, along with the spinal injury suffered by Tulane safety Devon Walker.

1. Devon Walker, S, Tulane

Cranial and spinal cord injuries are the most frightening thing that could happen during football games. Not only are players at a very high risk of losing their complete physical health, but the recovery process from surgery and throughout rehab can be long, tedious, and costly. A recent event happened on Saturday, Sept. 8 during the Tulane vs Tulsa game when Tulane safety Devon Walker collided with a teammate and was taken away in an ambulance. Walker underwent surgery for the cervical fracture on Sunday, but several days later, doctors are still unsure whether Walker has suffered any paralysis. He is noted as “alert and responsive” and has been receiving tremendous support from the Tulane community and the college football nation in general. For continued updates, to donate, or to send a personal message to Walker and his recovery, visit this link here.

2. Tyler Wilson, QB, Arkansas

After receiving several hard hits last week at the ULM Warhawks game, Tyler Wilson was out in the first-half leading to a disappointing upset. What was thought to be a broken collarbone may now be a concussion (The injury is listed as an “Above the shoulder injury”). Wilson has missed practice all week and is looking for clearance by the Arkansas team physician. Arkansas plays No.1 ranked Alabama Crimson Tide at home this Saturday with Wilson’s return to play uncertain.

3. Jalston Fowler, RB, Alabama

Second string Alabama RB Jalston Fowler is “most likely going to be out for the season” according to coach Nick Saban. A backup to starting back Eddie Lacy, Fowler had key roles as a blocker and a relief to Lacy. Fowler will be undergoing surgery in his left knee for currently an undisclosed injury giving three healthy freshmen some open playing time. Fowler’s injury puts the Crimson Tide in a running back situation where starter back Lacy has been feeling some lagging injuries and limited carrying time. Lacy is still going through some injury management from a surgical turf toe injury, along with an ankle injury earlier in the year.