Early NFL FAAB results

I have four leagues that have free agent runs on Yahoo on Tuesday night, two of which are FAAB-based, and another one that’s on MyFantasyLeague.com. I’m going to post quick blogs each week revealing the results from the FAAB leagues, so that hopefully you’ll get some value in composing your bids for leagues that run on Wednesday night or during the day on Thursday. This week, I went big on the Redskins’ Terry McLaurin in a couple of leagues:

Sin City Showdown

Yeah, that’s me overbidding on Terry McLaurin. Let’s go ahead and address McLaurin on the merits. A third-round draft pick out of Ohio State this year, he only had 35 catches last season, albeit for 11 touchdowns. His teammate Parris Campbell was drafted in the second round by the Colts, and Campbell was the primary receiver in the offense. But what I saw against the Eagles from McLaurin also really stood out – not just the deep ball where he scored early in the game, but also a tough catch in traffic in the 2:00 drill in the second quarter, and how he was Case Keenum’s primary read in third down and even fourth down situations. There’s nobody in front of him on the depth chart, either – the job is all his as long as he stays healthy.

This league is Brad Evans’ auction league from July in Las Vegas (hence the name), and it’s very deep – three receivers, a Flex, a Super Flex and two tight ends all in the starting lineup. It’s hard to find major contributors on the waiver wire, especially ones that you think will be contributing all season long. So yes, I overbid here, thinking that I would have to. That’s also why you saw such a big bid on Gardner Minshew II, who went to Scott Pianowski.

Pentathlon Auction League

Another league, another share of Terry McLaurin. At least my overpay wasn’t as severe. Managing a FAAB budget can be tricky, but in most Yahoo leagues not only can you have first-come, first-serve pickups after the FAAB period, you can also put in $0 bids to pick up players. So I’m typically less concerned about saving my budget there. I’d rather ensure that I get what I need early in the season, and hopefully get the max results from that pick up all season, than wait for the ‘perfect’ pick up and have the hammer to get it.

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This league mirrors the roster format of Sin City, albeit with 12 teams instead of 14.

Ken Golba Memorial Scout League

This is a 16-team league comprised mostly of people who work in baseball, play baseball for a living (one player, at least), and a couple of blabber-mouths like me that like to talk and write about baseball and football. It’s a full-point PPR league with multiple scoring bonuses (length of TD, yard achievements, etc…). We start two RB, two WR, and two Flexes. It’s hard to find a contributor on the waiver wire – so much that we have a side pool to bet on who might be the most productive undrafted player of the season before the first game (I went with Chris Conley).

All of that is a nice preamble to me admitting that I didn’t get a bid in on time for Terry McLaurin. Put me in the category of “so-called expert.” We have an early waiver deadline (Tuesday at 9:00 pm PT), and between finishing the Value Meter, posting our Tuesday MLB podcast, shuttling my kids from two different schools and then attending an AYSO Coaches Meeting, I just didn’t get the bids in. FAIL. McLaurin would have come in handy, as would Conley or A.J. Brown. That’s cool, though, because I got to hold on to Darrel Williams, and you never know when you’re going to need to use a fourth-string RB on a team.

If you look closely at the drops, however, there might be someone I’ll be grabbing in our secondary bidding phase tonight. Don’t tell anyone!