Florida and Alabama: Who you got?

Yes, the college football season still has a ways to go. However, I feel confident in proclaiming two teams as standing head and shoulders above the rest: The Florida Gators and the Alabama Crimson Tide. Right now, the AP poll agree with me (the coaches poll is meaningless as far as I’m concerned) and I think there is a good chance both teams head into the SEC Championship Game undefeated. So, to me, the only question left is, which team is better?

Quite frankly, you can make the case for either team. Both have very good, efficient offenses, but it is the defense that is the name of the game for both teams. Yes, including the Tim Tebow led Gators. Alabama has only let up 75 points in six games, and Florida a mere 32 in five. Granted, both teams had cupcakes on their schedule, as most top tier teams do, but you cannot argue with how impressive these two teams have been thus far.

Florida’s defense features the likes of Carlos Dunlap, Brandon Spikes, and Joe Haden. Bama counters with Rolando McClain, maybe the best linebacker in the country, and the space eater to end all space eaters, Terrence Cody.

Both teams also feature a run heavy offense. The Gators lack a main running back, but they get production from several rushers, including former Heisman winner and all things to all people Tim Tebow. Alabama has a nice collection of running backs themselves, but they have a definitive standout in Mark Ingram, perhaps one of the most overlooked players in all of college football. He’s definitely one of the best running backs in all of college football. However, the Crimson Tide also have a weapon in the passing game in Julio Jones, though he has been slowed by injuries this season.

If I had to choose, I think I’d pick Alabama as the better team. Hopefully, both teams can remain undefeated through the regular season so they can meet in the SEC title game with pretty much everything on the line: A flawless record, the SEC, and a shot for the national championship. Incidentally, could this be the year we see a rematch in the national title game? I highly doubt it, but if Bama and Florida establish themselves as the top two teams in the nation and play a close SEC title game, it could happen. Texas, USC, and Va Tech would likely have to lose two games each, though, which probably won’t happen.

So, to reiterate the question in the title of this article, who do you think is the better team; Florida or Alabama?