Monday Night Observations

As a Giants fan, I’ll just say that was not a pleasant watch – even in 40-minute condensed form.

• Eli Manning has the pocket awareness of a horror-movie victim, hiding in the worst and least escapable place, waiting for certain death. Manning took five sacks, and some of them were of the 10-yard variety. He also got a delay of game penalty when the team was trying to go for it on 4th-and-goal from the two, forcing them to kick a field goal. Moreover, on at least three occasions, two on third and one on fourth down, he completed passes short of the sticks. What’s the point of completing the pass at all? Even on the TD to a wide-open Evan Engram, the pass was inaccurate, and Engram had to spin around to make the catch.

• The Giants line isn’t good, but at least two of the five sacks were on Manning.

• Brandon Marshall dropped perhaps Manning’s best throw of the night, an intermediate sideline route that would have given the Giants a first down.

• Paul Perkins has nowhere to run when he touches the ball, but part of that is coach Ben McAdoo’s vanilla play calling. Perhaps he should consider a pass on 1st-and-10 and run in less obvious downs and distances.

• The Giants defense played decently, holding Matt Stafford to 5.8 YPA despite one lapse on a 27-yard TD to Marvin Jones. The Lions got one of their TDs on a punt return.

• Odell Beckham was quiet in his debut, but he didn’t looked hampered by the ankle injury. The McAdoo/Eli tandem is a lot to overcome, however.

• Engram looks like a player, but expect his use to be sporadic – the Giants have a lot of mouths to feed in the offense and not much food.

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• Eric Ebron had a good game, catching all five of his targets for 42 yards and a score. But the Giants are vulnerable to tight ends, as their linebackers are the weakest part of the defense.

• None of the Lions receivers did much because Stafford only had to throw 21 times, and the Giants secondary is strong.

• Ameer Abdullah ran well, but he’s not a great bet for catches or touchdowns.

• Thank God I didn’t watch this game in real time and waste three hours of my life.