NHL Observations: Vulnerable Penguins and Dark Knights?

  • Matt Murray’s glove hand was exploited too many times in Game 2. The Caps might have a chance if the skinny twinetender can’t find a way to protect the top shelf.
  • The Golden Knights could be up 3-0. Just saying. It’s shark hunting in the dark.

  • William Karlsson or Alexander Wennberg. I would have made the same decision at expansion. But man, Karlsson is rubbing that decision in everyone’s face. That winner was #sublime.
  • What a swing. From minus-5 to four points and a plus-2 rating. Brayden Point’s pride is as big as that pendulum.
  •  6-2 and 180 looks 6-5 and 240. And it’s not because of equipment. Marc Andre Fleury is playing with a swagger that makes him seem huge.
  • Steven Stamkos must be hurt. He’s been invisible this series. And that’s with more than four minutes of power-play time.
  • Tyler Myers has gone beast mode. He’s the defender he was in Buffalo. If only the Sabres had kept him.
  • Speaking of Sabres, how badly can they screw up the Rasmus Dahlin pick? He’s exactly what they need, but that franchise needs CPR.