NHL Playoff Observations: Bounce backs, bandwagons and whiney babies

Just a few things that caught my eye:

  • Best fans in the NHL? This is only Game 2. #WPGWhiteout
  • Nice bounce back for Bobo the punching bag clown. I mean Brian Elliott.

  • Double-D was Minny’s best player. The score could have (probably should have) been 8-0. Dubnyk for MVP.
  • Nazem Kadri looks like citizen of the year compared to Drew Doughty. One choked down three games. The other whined and called BS for one game after going head hunting.
  • Vegas is impressive. No stars, but four second lines. They come in hard and fast waves. It will be fascinating to watch how many fans jump on their bandwagon when their team gets eliminated.
  • Get thee to Wikipedia now — there’s a new definition of line brawl. 9.7 seconds left and a tug of war erupted between the Jets and Wild. At least it was a step up from an NBA fight
  • The Jets dominated on the ice and in the community. Well played. #HumboldtStrong
  • Patrik Laine and that Mennonite beard. A little manscaping would go a long way, young man. I think there might be Doritos in there.
  • Philly went back to Elliott. Will Washington do the same with Philipp Grubauer? He probably should have had one of those goals, but the loss wasn’t his. And he has been one of the best statistical twinetenders since, oh, Halloween.
  • Paul Stastny waived his no-trade to go to the Peg. He said he consulted his wife and she was all-in. I think there will be a lot more players willing to do the same despite the winter cold. Winning goes a long way. I have these guys in the Cup.
  • Kadri’s suspension means the Leafs will be forced to juggle lines. Leo please don’t kiss me Komarov moves up to the top line. That means a whole lot more stubble rubbing with Brad Marchand. I’m buying popcorn for this.