NHL Playoff Observations — Goodbye regular season

Just a few things that caught my eye:

  • Best non-move at the trade deadline? Keeping Marc-Andre Fleury. THIS will be a resurrection.
  • King Henrik Lundqvist, the best-dressed man in the NHL. I don’t always do post-game interviews, but when I do, I ALWAYS wear a fedora. Hopefully his game is as cocky as his wardrobe.

  • Welcome to the NHL, Charlie McAvoy. The hype machine is winding up. The second-most minutes on his team in his NHL debut? And the best Bruin not named Tuukka Rask? Wow.
  • Joe Thornton is as to Duck Commander as Brent Burns is as to Willie Robertson. The Beards are Back. Or at least one of them is.
  • That cocky, tongue-out, strut skate past the Sens’ bench after his goal was classic Brad Marchand. Clutch AND rude. Even his teammates warn opponents not to chirp him back: “You won’t win. Nobody ever wins.”
  • The Crown is back, as least for Game 1. King Henrik Lundqvist couldn’t have finished last year’s playoffs any worse. Outplayed by a rookie and yanked in consecutive games. He’s motivated. But will it be a resurrection or will his luck run out? Guess we’ll all soon find out.
  • Some team is going to pay Justin Schultz way too much money this offseason. WAY TOO MUCH.
  • Goalies win series. So, who do you take between Jake Allen and Devan Dubnyk? Garrison Keillor knows …
  • Looooooch. Funny how not getting paid ends up being the biggest motivator for Milan Lucic.
  • Zdeno Chara has played as many seasons (19) as Charlie McAvoy has been on the planet. Just saying.