NHL Playoff Observations — Leafs bottling the Caps

Just a few things that caught my eye:

  • Toronto isn’t young and good. They’re just good. Damn good.
  • Sens’ fans have temporarily forgotten about Bobby Ryan’s contract. They might forget altogether if they Sens go a few rounds.

  • Hands up if you took Ryan, Derrick Brassard and Mike Hoffman in your postseason pool. I thought not.
  • Sean Monahan or Johnny Gaudreau. I know where my fantasy bread is buttered. You?
  • It took an undrafted, 26-year-old sophomore Swede named Dennis Rasmussen to solve Pekka Rinne. At the 121:05 mark of the series. It would have been sooner if not for this stunning save in the first.
  • Will the Leafs be the reason the Caps don’t win the Cup this year? Not because they knock them out of the first round, but because they knock the life out of them in the first round. Especially if the Pens win in four. This series is the best in the East. And maybe the best overall.
  • Boston’s defence is held together with dental floss and chewing gum. It shows.
  • Auston Matthews is a beast. That net drive to drill home his own rebound, courtesy of the defender’s face, is already a thing of legend.
  • Calgary looks good. Real good. But they still need to prove they can win in Anaheim and I’ve seen nothing to indicate they can.
  • Bruce Boudreau snapped at the post-game presser Sunday. But the bottom line is simple. The Wild do not have a difference maker. Period.
  • You heard it here first. I’ve changed my mind about Nazem Kadri. He’s becoming Toronto’s Ryan Kesler. The boy has become a man.
  • Braden Holtby 1, Mitch Marner 0. That slide tackle was Premier League worthy.
  • When is bumping the goalie not interference? In the third period of a game in Nashville, that’s when. Even if Corey Crawford was just outside the blue paint, Filip Forsberg still hit him in the head with his shoulder.