Picks, 10|FRONTS|28|FRONTS|10

I guess I could have tacked on "over 5.5" last night, but it seemed that would have put too many units in play. Tonight, many of the same factors that led to the Giants’ big win are in play, primarily their ability to beat up left-handed pitching. I think we’ll see, if not the same number of runs scored, another good night for the black and orange as they take advantage of C.J. Wilson. I’m more enthused about the over, given that both teams worked their pens last night and that both these pitchers were among the most fortunate during the season in categories such as batting average on balls in play and HR/FB rate.

Giants -113, 1.5 units
Giants over 7 (-105) three units

Total runs + hits + errors in game over 24.5 (-105), one unit