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Thanks for raising your hands, those of you who took time to let me know that I still have some readers. I’ll continue putting in the time to find some value as we close out the regular season. I haven’t figured out yet if the postseason is a place to find value. I think there might be some in series bets, particularly on dogs, but I doubt there’s much in the game-to-game’s. If I do continue, it will be part of the seasonal tally.

Washington -109, one unit. John Lannan has been very strong since coming back to the majors, and J.A. Happ is atop any list of overvalued pitchers.

Chicago (NL) +115, one unit. Carlos Zambrano suddenly pitching like Carlos Zambrano.

Colorado/Arizona under 10 (-115), three units. The Rockies’ offense hasn’t been good down from the mountain, and Jorge De La Rosa has a 3.24 ERA since getting healthy. This may not be free money, but I’ll take my chances.