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More ‘stache, More Cash from Wahl’s Fantasy Football Challenge

When you think about it, facial hair and football go hand in hand, 'cause what is more manly than football? Maybe some mutton chops? If you are a bad-ass football player, why not grow a bad-ass lumberjack beard? And if you are pulling an all-nighter to prep for your fantasy football draft, let your chin curtain unfurl, brother.

Wahl agrees, which is why this year they are launching their own fantastically follicle-enhanced fantasy football challenge.WAHL_fantasyFootball rectangle The game is super easy, with fans picking three players each week. But there's an entertaining catch – you can only pick football players with some fluffy stuff south of their schnoz. Weekly winners get free grooming tools from Wahl, such as their Lithium Ion Trimmer. And the grand prize winner, tallied from most points accumulated over the 17 week season, will be awarded FREE a spot in the 2015 National Fantasy Football Championship in Las Vegas. Your $1,600 entry fee will be waved and you get to play for the NFFC grand prize of $150,000.

That kind of cash could buy many, many beard combs.

As you can see from the big graphic below, facial hair clearly helps football players perform better. Whether Tom Brady's pretty boy facial stubble counts is debatable, but the rest of these hairy dudes are pretty solid, both athletically and "facial hairly" (Yeah, I just invented that term, go with it). The Wahl Fantasy Football Challenge web site shows off some pretty impressive NFL beards. I think Calvin Johnson's is the most impressive, but maybe that's because I have Megatron on a few of my teams this year. The game sticks to picking just one QB, one RB and one WR each week, all of whom boast furry faces. All the player options are pretty darn good, so I recommend concentrating on defensive opponents. For instance, I really like Colin Kaepernick against Dallas in Week 1. I say that knowing that Kaepernick's beard could use a little more flavor (though not necessarily a flavor saver).

My only regret? I want to play Brett Keisel's Beard at tight end. Enjoy the game and maybe our own RotoWire experts will see you at the NFFC Draft in 2015!