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NBA Preseason GIF Dump

The awesome community over at R/NBA on posts gifs of all the great NBA action every night, and as a lurker/commenter on the posts there, I've always wanted to compile all the great gifs that get posted on R/NBA in one spot.

I hope you dig these as much as me.

Kevin Seraphin puts a nasty screen on Jimmy Butler at midcourt.

via MaltMilchek

Nikola Mirotic guns from deep in his preseason NBA debut.

via Dannyzavage

Benny the Bull puts some sugar on a married referee.


Julius Randle rolls to the hoop for a jam.

via Strokemm

Jimmy Butler gets his revenge with a perimeter block on Bradley Beal.

via -MarcusD-

Paul Pierce taunts Joakim Noah like Chris Tucker.

via -MarcusD-

Quincy Miller hits an 80-foot buzzer beater.

via Whubwhub