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Time for Change

Did a podcast earlier this week with ESPN maven Dave Dameshek. One of the topics we covered was, in honor of the new President's message of Change, what we'd want to see changed in the sports world.

The most obvious topic was the BCS, of course. Opinions might vary on how exactly to fix it, though, be it an eight-team playoff or some other format.

Other possibilities:

–Rework baseball revenue sharing to accommodate the size of each team's market, not revenue generated, effort put forth by ownership or any other nonsense that leads to the freaking L.A. Angels getting handouts. Derek Zumsteg did a great piece on this a few years back for Baseball Prospectus:

–Put in a semi-circle under the basket in college hoops (the way they do in the NBA) to curb the ridiculous number of charges called at the college level. Watching a Duke game is like watching a Manu Ginobili flop-a-thon.

–Convince NFL coaches to stop chickening out by punting and start going for it a lot more. This is part of the broader pattern of risk aversion we see all too often by coaches in many sports. Only in this case, the numbers often suggest that going for it is the right move. Punting from the 40-yard line on 4th and less than 5 is especially asinine.

What else you got?