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Arod -- Out 10 Weeks

Yowzer. Now that's a headline. If ESPN's report is correct, what does this do to Arod's fantasy value? The RotoWire 200 had Arod as the second overall pick. Where would you pick him now?

Let's say he misses 10 weeks from today, that puts his return to action at May 14. He'd need a couple weeks, at least, of minor league rehab games. So, at the earliest, we're talking May 28. Also consider, though, that these things rarely seem to go according to plan. Things tend to linger. So, his return to the majors might take a little while after that. Mid-June? What's Arod's auction value now? How low does he drop in a draft?

Arod should have never messed around with Madonna. I think she put a Kabbalah hex on him or something.

UPDATE: The latest report says Arod has a torn labrum in his right hip, and if surgery is needed he would be sidelined four months. That'd likely make it an early August return to game action, at the earliest.