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Keeper League Decisions: Help me out

It's getting to be decision time for many of you keeper leaguers and I'm no exception. Be interested in some subscriber feedback on my 10-team keeper league. We can keep up to 15 plus 3 minor leaguers. This is 5 X 5 NL-only. I've finished first and second the past two seasons and look to have about a two-year window to do so again before I have to start letting some of these guys to go free agency.
The obvious:
1.       Brian McCann – 2 years remaining at $12 per
2.       Russell Martin - $5 for one year, $10 for two, $15 for three, or $20 for four? – Leaning towards $15 but I must admit a touch of man-love here, so keep me honest.
3.       James Loney - $2 (year 2)
4.       Chipper Jones – can extend him through 2010 at $21 for this year and next or keep him one more year at $16. Leaning towards the latter as I'm wary of the injuries.
5.       J.J. Hardy - $3 for one, $8 for two, or $13 for three – Probably will go the extra year here at $8 per. A bit worried he gets dealt to the AL, in which case I waste $5.
6.       Hanley Ramirez – 2 years remaining at $25 per
7.       Jeremy Hermida – 1 more year at $7
8.       Matt Kemp – $2 for one year, $7 for two, $12 for three, etc. – could be a bargain even at $20, but I'll probably extend to $17.
9.       Chad Billingsley - $5 for one year, $10 for two, etc. – Thinking of extending to $15.
10.   Ricky Nolasco - $2 (year 2)
11.   John Maine- $12 – he's locked into a long-term deal, so I have to keep him. Hope he's worth the money this year.
Albert Pujols - $41 (year 2)
Willy Taveras - $21 (year 2)
Chris Young (OF) - $10 for one, $15 for two – Probably keep him at $10, as I'm concerned about the strikeout rate and poor OBP.
Andy LaRoche - $5 for one year, $10 for two, etc. – Probably worth keeping at $5, but I really have no idea how he'll do this year.
Manny Ramirez - $56 (year 2) – That's 21|PERCENT| of my auction budget, so even Manny probably isn't worth this, right?
Paul Maholm - $6 (year 2) – He might actually be worth this, though I'm wary of Pittsburgh starters for obvious reasons.
Minor leaguers keepers are James McDonald, Jarrod Parker, and Jordan Schafer.