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Sport As Art

I'm in Spain for the next week, partly for vacation, partly to research a story I'm writing about bullfighting for Penthouse Magazine.

I've already interviewed one Torero for the story, who very pointedly explained to me, en espanol, that bullfighting is in fact not a sport. It is an art. The dance of bullfighter vs. bull, the Picadores, and everyone else involved is more of an elaborate play than sport in the traditional sense, I'm told. If you want to know the results of yesterday's bullfight, you crack open the Arts section of the local paper, not Sports.

This raises a question: In North America, people can get pretty worked up over what constitutes a sport and what doesn't. What's the cut-off for you? Bowling? Cheerleading? Bridge? Are there any activities considered to be sports that, like bullfighting, should really be labeled as art instead?