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Obama's East Coast Bias

President Obama filled out an NCAA Tournament bracket for ESPN, and it looks like he's no fan of the Pac-10. He picks seven upsets in the entire tournament (not counting the 8-9 matchups) and four of them involve Pac-10 teams losing.

He only has three first-round upsets, all of which oust Pac-10 teams: No. 10 Maryland over No. 7 Cal, No. 11 VCU over No. 6 UCLA and No. 11 Temple over No. 6 Arizona State. His lone Pac-10 team to escape the first-round is No. 4 Washington, which then gets upset in the second round by No. 5 Purdue.

Then again, he picks No. 4 Gonzaga to beat his home-state No. 5 Illinois in the second round, so I guess it's not an East Coast bias, just an anti-Pac-10 bias. Wonder what his brother-in-law, Oregon State coach Craig Robinson, thinks about that.