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Nick Adenhart's Last Night

The randomness of Nick Adenhart's death, and that of his friends, is eery in this minute-by-minute account of their last night. As the police officer who arrived on the scene said, "A half-second before or after and there's no impact. That's like taking one more brush of your hair."

And the mother of the drunk driver who killed the trio has the gall to say, "It was an accident. He never meant to hurt anybody, ever."

Maybe that's the natural reaction of any mother, to protect her son no matter what. Or maybe it's that type of enabling that encouraged Andrew Gallo's irresponsibility. Gallo, whose blood-alcohol level was nearly triple the legal limit, had been arrested for DUI, public intoxication and possession of marijuana and had been kicked out of a rehab clinic – all since 2006. And yet, his father allowed him to borrow his minivan even though Gallo's license was suspended for the previous DUI.

Said the father, "People think my son is a monster. He's not." Yeah, ah ... Who gives a crap? The guy killed three people, yet the mother and father want us to consider his intentions.

Gallo was so wasted, he didn't even tap his brakes before T-boning Adenhart's car. His family should just keep a lid on it.