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Did Arod Tip Pitches?

The latest charge leveled against Arod from Selena Roberts' soon-to-be-published book is that he juiced in high school. Maybe so, who knows. I can't get worked up about that. Much more provocative, though, is the charge that Arod tipped pitches to opposing hitters.

The allegation is that "A-Rod would signal opposing hitters as to what was coming late in lost causes, in hopes that opposing hitters would reciprocate."

That is a huge allegation. Gigantic. Would Arod actually conspire to screw his teammates? And how would he get an opposing player to go along with it? It'd have to be someone he was pretty close with, and they would have had to come up with the scheme long beforehand. I've heard of former college teammates agreeing not to closely guard one another in NBA games, but baseball doesn't afford opponents close enough contact to conspire during a game like basketball does. So, this would have had to be a well-hatched plan. (Unless, of course, baseball players have some sort of mental telepathy to talk to each other that we mortals don't.)

I find it hard to believe frankly. How often could he possible work the scam? How many teams have a player who would reciprocate the favor? Arod doesn't have that many best friends across the league, does he? And even if he did, most games aren't blowouts, which limits the opportunity to even run the scheme in the first place. It's easier to believe he juiced in high school.

I wonder what bombshells Arod's lawyers were able to keep out of the book.