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Odd MLB Draft Rules

This may fall into the "only something I'd find interesting" category, but I'm going to share it anyway. 

The Brewers lost Rickie Weeks for the season two weeks ago and are currently using Craig Counsell as his primary replacement.  This obviously can't go on for the rest of the season and a lot of names have been bounced around as possible replacements.  One name is Mark Grudzielanek, who is a free agent.  Not only is Grudz a free agent, but he's a Type B free agent, meaning that if the Brewers were to sign him today that the Royals would get a sandwich pick between the first and second rounds.  If the Brewers were to wait 10 days until after the draft begins then the Royals would get nothing.  This gives the Royals a huge rooting interest in the Brewers signing him.  

But wait, there's more!  Because the Brewers also have a sandwich pick, and two second round picks, each of those picks would get bumped back one selection if they sign Grudzielanek.  They would be hurting their draft status slightly by signing Grudz before the draft.  It's not really that big of a deal, but if you actually were considering signing him then it's almost worth it to just wait a week and possibly get a better player.  How pissed would you be if you signed Grudz a week early and then the Royals took the player you really wanted just a few picks before your own sandwich pick?

The whole situation really just amuses me.  I have no idea if the Brewers have any interest in Grudz at all, or if he'd even be a better offensive solution than Counsell/McGehee at second base.  I just found it interesting how much the Royals would benefit from him signing now rather than two weeks from now.  If you were in the Royals front office, how far would you go to get him signed early?  Wouldn't you at least call up the Brewers and say "C'mon! It doesn't really hurt your draft status that much."  Do you offer an under the table deal? "Hey, sign him now and I promise we'll give you a sweet trade closer to the deadline."   I doubt that any of that would happen, but it certainly breeds that type of environment.