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Showing Support vs. Acting Like You've Been There Before

David Ortiz smacked a two-run homer off A.J. Burnett in the second inning of last night's Red Sox-Yankees game. The homer earned Ortiz his third curtain call of the year–one for each homer. As the Fenway serenade took place, Twitter and various other Internet locales lit up with criticism of Sox fans for making a huge deal of the homer, ditto for Big Papi.

As Bill Simmons recently noted, the Fenway faithful's unwavering support for Ortiz has been surprising and just about unprecedented. Boston fans, like fans in most other cities, will inevitably turn on even star players once their time has passed. It's not that they dislike the player now per se, it's more that they're booing management for sending the player out to fail, when there's clearly a giant fork sticking out of their back. This hasn't happened with Ortiz, who's received pretty much nothing but encouraging cheers every time up this season, and thunderous applause for every little thing he's done right–all in the midst of a historically awful 2009.

So what's the verdict here? Should the fans, in sports parlance, act like they've been in the end zone before and not get so worked up over these little victories? Or are you inspired by the continuing show of support for a fallen hero? (Those of you who hate the Red Sox and are repulsed by anything the team or its fans do excepted, of course.)