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Keeper Conundrum

I am in a 12-team football league that allows each owner to keep one player from the previous year. My choices this year are DeAngelo Williams, Larry Fitzgerald and Tom Brady (I picked him up last year after he was injured and subsequently dropped). Who should I keep?

I figure these players will be kept by my fellow owners:

A. Peterson
L. Tomlinson
Chris Johnson
F. Gore
M. Forte
M. Jones-Drew
W. McGahee

Calvin Johnson
Randy Moss
Anquan Boldin

Peyton Manning

I have the 10th pick in this year's draft. That means, based on the RotoWire 150 cheatsheet, I'd be looking at this group players for my first pick:

Steve Smith
Brandon Jacobs
Drew Brees
Ronnie Brown

And this group for my second pick:

Marion Barber
Reggie Wayne
Marques Colston
Clinton Portis

Based on all that, who should I keep? Any opinions?