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Thanks, Phil Cuzzi

On Friday's RotoWire Fantasy Sports Hour, I thanked umpire C.B. Bucknor for his two blown calls in Thursday's Red Sox-Angels game because it gave me an example to use as the "worst call ever." Well, sorry C.B., you're going to have to work a little harder at sucking. Hey, maybe Phil Cuzzi can teach you a thing or two.

Cuzzi's blown call in Friday's Twins-Yankees game on Joe Mauer's would-be double is unequivocally, undoubtedly, literally the absolute worst call I have ever seen in a baseball game.

Bucknor's calls were horrible (horrible!), but there are many moving parts in a close play at first base – the catch, ball, base, runner, fielder, etc. On Cuzzi's play, there's one part – the ball. All he has to do is determine if the ball lands to the left or to the right of the big white line on the field. And, as this photo suggests, that should not have been one iota of a problem for Cuzzi. There's also the matter of the game circumstances. Cuzzi's debacle directly impacted the outcome of the game. Not so with Bucknor's.

Cuzzi's call was so egregious, I actually find it hard to get outraged. With Bucknor's calls, you wonder what exactly he was watching. Was he looking at the bag while the tag was applied to the runner? It's easy to get fired up over that. With Cuzzi, what mistake did he make other than having the world's biggest brain fart? Not that that excuses it; he still should be fired. In fact, that makes it even more paramount that he is canned. He didn't make a mistake – he's just bad at umpiring.

Anyway, thanks Cuzzi. Now when I am sitting around with my pals watching a game and one of them shouts at the TV, "that's the worst call EVER!" I can say, nope, the worst call ever is Cuzzi, Twins-Yankees playoffs 2009. Nice job.