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Super Bowl Odds

Here's a link,, but to save you the click, I'll post the notables:

Saints 11/4

Colts 10/3

Vikings 4/1

Patriots 6/1

Chargers 10/1

Bengals 12/1

Cowboys 18/1

Cardinals 20/1

Eagles 22/1

Packers 25/1

Steelers 26/1

Ravens 35/1

Broncos 50/1

Giants 55/1

Titans 60/1

Is it me, or do the Steelers jump off the page at 26:1?  Once Ben and Polamalu are healthy, they're as good as anyone in the AFC.  In fact, I'd say they're the only AFC team with a dominant offense |STAR|and|STAR| defense.  

Amazing how far the Giants have fallen.  They still have the same core of players that won the SB, but it sure doesn't look like it on the field.  I'd like to see if Liss will put some money on his team at that rate of return after resembling a league doormat last week.

Interesting that the Cardinals are viewed as inferior to the Cowboys despite being one play from winning last year's Super Bowl (and playing better this year than they did during last year's regular season).   I'm fascinated to see if Arizona can beat Minny this week, as that's a likely matchup in the divisional round in the NFC (as well as the most likely pitfall to a NO/Minny NFC Championship game).   

I'm sure nobody here does anything illegal, so, hypothetically speaking, if you were to bet, who would your money be on?