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Yeah, Banning Gambling on Planes is the Answer

I know we've been talking about this Gilbert Arenas story for a few weeks now, but the story really is still interesting, especially with each nugget that comes out.  Like with most scandals, it's best to just admit it all at the very beginning, because whatever you're covering up will always come out eventually.

According to some reports, Arenas' alleged "joke" (place four unloaded weapons in front of Javaris Crittenton with a note reading "Pick One") got a very frightening response.  Crittenton, who apparently has no sense of humor when it comes to terrifying threats, allegedly picked up his own gun, loaded it, and cocked it.

As a result, the Wizards banned gambling on flights. 

Actually, the Wizards (ironically once known as the "Bullets") have done a good job of distancing themselves from this mess, and surely Crittenton and probably Arenas have played their last games in a Wizards' uniform.  Crittenton, who hasn't done much in his three-year, four-team NBA career, is probably done in this league.  A lengthy suspension is coming, and if that one is ever lifted, it's doubtful anyone will take a chance on him.

Of course, Crittenton now has to worry about more than his career.  It will be hard to prove the allegations that appeared in the Washington Post, and naturally Crittenton has denied them, but if the two witnesses come forward, and if Arenas changes his story again, Washington D.C.'s stringent anti-gun laws could put Crittenton in jail. 

Yes, the once-quirky-but-lovable, now-potentially-dangerous Arenas - who is already suspended indefinitely - supposedly offered to take the rap for the teammate who supposedly threatened him, and then he said he didn't, or he did.  Or, I don't know.  As far as I can tell, the whole "bring four guns from home to get them away from his children" story was just his way of deflecting blame from Crittenton.  I suppose if he were to admit under oath that Crittenton threatened him, maybe he'll be considered a credible witness, but I'm no legal expert.

Arenas is a weird guy, and I mean that as a compliment, but his actions have been just baffling the last couple of weeks.  What is he doing?  Does he not care what happens to him?  This is one of the best players in the league and he's hardly doing anything to save himself. 

If this is it for Arenas in the NBA, I'll miss him.  If he ever opens his mouth again, however, even if just to say "Hibachi!", I'm not going to believe him.