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Super Bowl prop bets

A simple internet search will yield more options for Super Bowl prop bets than the casual fan could possibly comprehend. 

Here are a few that jumped out at me, for various reasons (though odds may vary depending on where you look):

1.  Team to commit first penalty.  Saints are -140; Colts are +110.  Seems like a 50/50 sorta thing, so getting +110 looks appealing. 

2.  Manning for MVP.  I saw +100 somewhere (though now I can't find it again).  -150 is more common.  I'd love +100, but even -150, that's not bad.  Let's put it this way - if I had to choose Manning or the field, I'd take Manning without hesitation.    I don't think I've been this confident about this type of bet since I was when thinking that Ray Lewis would win Super Bowl MVP for the Ravens 2000 Super Bowl team - you just knew, even beforehand, he was gonna win. 

3.   More receiving yards:  Henderson -150; Meachem +120.  Meachem was the better player all year and he's getting better odds.  All Henderson really does is run deep routes.  I expect the Colts to play the whole game the way the did against the Jets in the second half - keep everything in front of them - and that won't bode well for Henderson.  I like Meachem here a lot. 

4.  Who will catch a pass first in the game?  Colston +115; Wayne -145.  Like the first penalty, isn't this another 50/50 sorta thing?  +115 looks good. 

5.   Who will catch a pass first in the game?  Meachem +140; Henderson -170.  I don't understand these Henderson vs. Meachem prop bets.  Yes, Meachem has been quiet in the postseason, but the extra week of rest should help him, and he was the superior player this year.  This should be much closer to a 50/50 type of bet. 

6.  Will the team that scores first win the game?  Yes -195; No +155.  In what should be a high-scoring game with two good offenses, scoring first means less than usual.  Take the +155. 

7.  Will at least one quarter be scoreless?  Yes +325; No -450.  Call this a gut feel, but I like the +325 here quite a bit.  Maybe the Colts have a big lead and the fourth quarter flies by as the Colts run clock.  Maybe it's raining. 

8.  Colts margin of victory.  14-17 points 8/1; 18-21 points 12/1; 22+ points 13/2.  There were other options, but these looked like nice odds for anyone who sees a Colts blowout.  Spend $100 on each and you'll more than double your money if it's a blowout.

9.  What side of the ball will the players that perform the gatorade shower be from?  Before you wonder why anyone would bet on this, look at the odds - offensive +135; defensive -165.  

10.  What color will Kim Kardashian be wearing at the game?  Black 5/6; White 53/20; Any other color 6/5.  Obviously I'm not gonna bet on this, but it seems to me that Kardashian should. 

11.  Will there be a defensive or special teams TD?  Yes +145; No -175.  A few reasons I like the yes - the Colts always struggle in kick coverage, possibility of rain, and a Brees pick-six.