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2011 Super Bowl Odds

OK, that's enough about Colts/Saints.  Let's look ahead to next season.  Who do you like? 

Here are Vegas odds for winning Super Bowl XLV:

Arizona Cardinals +3000

Atlanta Falcons +3000

Baltimore Ravens +1500

Buffalo Bills +10000

Carolina Panthers +4000

Chicago Bears +4000

Cincinnati Bengals +3000

Cleveland Browns +10000

Dallas Cowboys +1200

Denver Broncos +5000

Detroit Lions +10000

Green Bay Packers +1200

Houston Texans +4000

Indianapolis Colts +600

Jacksonville Jaguars +5000

Kansas City Chiefs +10000

Miami Dolphins +4000

Minnesota Vikings +1200

New England Patriots +1000

New Orleans Saints +800

New York Giants +3000

New York Jets +1500

Oakland Raiders +10000

Philadelphia Eagles +1200

Pittsburgh Steelers +1000

San Diego Chargers +800

San Francisco 49ers +4000

Seattle Seahawks +5000

St Louis Rams +10000

Tampa Bay Buccaneers +10000

Tennessee Titans +3000

Washington Redskins +5000

I can make an argument for any of the teams with elite QBs, but all of those teams have a payout of 12/1 or worse.  What's the fun in that?  For these odds, I like the Giants and the Bengals.  The Giants should have a similar team to the one that won it all just a few seasons ago.  At 30/1, they're the best bet on the board.  What are they missing?  Eli has as many Super Bowls as Peyton, Nicks is going to be a star, and the defense should rebound.  In the AFC, the Bengals are a deep threat at WR from being a contender.  I like them at 30/1, figuring they will find a way to address this problem in the offseason (Brandon Marshall?). 

Who do you like?